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Woman dies in skydiving accident in Georgia

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A woman is dead after she fell to her death during her first solo training skydive in northwest Georgia. The 26-year-old woman was jumping at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta, located in Polk County roughly 55 miles north ...

Skydiving instructor death: What to know on the sport and safety

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The incident occurred in Waller County, Texas, where the skydiving instructor had been guiding their student through a tandem skydive lesson on behalf of Skydive Houston – a drop zone that offers skydive services fro...

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Woman killed in upstate New York skydiving accident after apparent parachute malfunction

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Karen Bernard’s brother, Terry announced her death on Facebook. SWEDEN SKYDIVING PLANE CRASH LEAVES 9 DEAD Karen Bernard, of Wildwood, jumped out of a plane in the area of County Highway 34 in the town of Westford s...