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Christopher Steele ABC interview slammed by ex-Trump official: ‘He’s no James Bond

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"He's no James Bond," former Defense Department chief of staff Kash Patel told "Tucker Carlson esta noche," after the former spy did a sit-down with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos and implied there is still a potential...

NBC News slammed for Dave Chappelle hit piece relying on 3 random Twitter users outraged over trans remarks

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The report published on Wednesday highlighted remarks he made defending "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, who he decried was "canceled" for expressing opposition towards "erasing the concept of sex." MSNBC'S CHRIS ...

NY Magazine piece slammed for arguing having children is ‘essentially selfish

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Entitled, "Giving Birth in the End Times," and accompanied by the subtitle, "Writer Emily Holleman stares down the apocalypse and into the terrifying optimism of motherhood," Holleman wrote about having a baby in the...

El verificador de hechos de CNN Daniel Dale criticado por adoptar el enfoque de "los conservadores se abalanzaron" sobre la historia falsa de la ivermectina

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Dale escribió una pieza, "Verificación de información errónea sobre los hospitales de Oklahoma y la ivermectina," que admitió que la historia viral era una "mala pieza de periodismo." Pero el reportero liberal logró culpar a los conservadores..

USA Today fact-checker slammed for playing ‘the victimfollowing botched report on Biden’s watch blunder

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USA Today was slammed over a "así llamado" fact-check on Wednesday declaring accusations of Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony in honor of the 13 NOSOTROS. service members who were killed in a t...

Los restos de Ida traen la muerte, destrucción al noreste, días después de que la tormenta azotara la Costa del Golfo

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Las muertes y los daños ocurrieron tres días después de que Ida azotara la región de la costa del Golfo el domingo como un huracán con vientos de más de 170 millas por hora. Las inundaciones en el barrio de Jamaica de la ciudad de Nueva York ...

Residents of this small Louisiana town describe ‘hours of agonyas Hurricane Ida slammed the Gulf Coast

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LaPlace, Louisiana Residents of LaPlace endured hours of harsh winds and rising water as Hurricane Ida's fierce winds blew through the Louisiana town. Ida slammed the Gulf Coast on Sunday, leaving at least one perso...

Biden slammed for appearing to look at his watch during memorial service for dead marines

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Biden met with the families of the troops killed in the attack, and he also attended the "dignified transfer" of the fallen troops, a military ritual of receiving the remains of those killed in foreign combat, tiempo ...

Erika Jayne slammed in new bankruptcy lawsuit docs: ‘The glam cannot be supported by a sham

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los "Amas de casa reales de Beverly Hills" star was slammed in new legal docs obtained by Fox News. The trustee overseeing the case involving Tom Girardi's law firm, Girardi Keese, insists Jayne knew her expenses were be...

Search continues for those unaccounted for after Tropical Depression Fred slammed North Carolina county

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Authorities in North Carolina are still searching for 17 people who remain unaccounted for after Tropical Depression Fred caused heavy flooding in Haywood County, killing two people. Three people who were reported ...

Carrie Underwood criticada por gustarle tuitear los mandatos de las máscaras para los niños

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A medida que los casos de coronavirus han comenzado a aumentar una vez más y las escuelas se recuperan para el semestre de otoño, los mandatos de máscara han sido un tema candente, Específicamente si los niños deben tener el mandato de usar máscaras en la escuela.. Underwoo ...

Gavin Newsom slammed for mask ‘hypocrisyand ‘ignoring scienceby GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder

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"Where do I start about the job this man, Gavin Newsom, has done in the last two years?" Elder told supporters Saturday in the Pacific Palisades. LARRY ELDER BLASTS GOVERNMENT FOR RISING CRIME AND FAILURE TO PROTECT ...

ACLU slammed for arguing racism is ‘foundational’ to the Second Amendment, its inclusion in the Bill of Rights

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The ACLU enlisted Ines Santos, a communications intern according to her byline, to pen a news and commentary piece headlined, "Do Black Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms?" The intern declared that "anti-Blackness...

A car slammed into a home injuring a young girl, so a stranger jumped to action and saved her

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A good Samaritan is being credited for being instrumental in saving the life of a little girl who was critically injured when a car struck her home in New Salem, New Hampshire. Scott Demers told CNN affiliate WBZ th...

Vanessa Williams and PBS slammed for ‘Black national anthem’ rendimiento

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There was backlash over Vanessa Williams performing for Independence Day before it even happened. Williams hosted PBS' "A Capitol Fourth" el domingo, and it had been announced that she would sing "Lift Every Voice an...

Erika Jayne slammed for boarding private jet amid embezzlement lawsuit

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El jueves, la "XXXpen$ ive" cantante, 49, was all smiles while carrying luggage to a private aircraft before jetting out of town. She was assisted by an unknown male who was spotted rolling a suitcase on the tarmac...

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