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Oklahoma resumes executions, kills inmate for 1998 slaying

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John Marion Grant, 60, who was strapped to a gurney inside the execution chamber, began convulsing and vomiting after the first drug, the sedative midazolam, was administered. Several minutes later, two members of th...

Moab murders: Kylen Schulte’s father appeals for help solving newlywedsslaying

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"We need to get the word out … because people that were in Moab on Aug. 12, Aug.. 13, Aug.. 14, they have left Moab and they're all around the world now," Sean-Paul Schulte told Fox News Digital Sunday night. Schulte ...

Gabby Petito slaying: Florida lawyer, a mom of two, puts $20G bounty on Brian Laundrie

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"I think a missing child is every parent's worst nightmare," the lawyer and mother of two, Tatiana Boohoff, het Fox News Vrydag gesê. "Our hearts go out to her family and to the community, and we hope that together we ca...

Houston aquarium slaying was latest killing by a defendant out on bond: verslae

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But they revealed some information about the criminal history of the dead suspect, Danny Cazares, who authorities claim turned his weapon on himself after shooting the couple. Cazares had been freed from jail on bond...

Man van Nevada aangekla van moord op die dood van Indiërvrou op voorbehoud

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'N Man word daarvan beskuldig dat hy 'n inheemse vrou in die Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribes-reservaat vermoor het, het die Amerikaanse prokureurskantoor in Nevada Vrydag gesê. Michael Joshua Burciaga, 33, word van tweedegraadse moord aangekla ...

Verdagte in aanhouding in verband met die doodslag van die rapper King Von

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Een persoon is in hegtenis geneem in verband met die dood van die rapper King Von in Atlanta, polisie gesê. Timothy Leeks, 22, is in polisie-aanhouding terwyl hy in die Grady-hospitaal in Atlanta was, waar hy behandeling ontvang vir 'n g ...

Samuel Paty beheading: Teacher’s slaying spurs protests across France

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Paris Demonstrators took to the streets of French locales Sunday lauding free speech and decrying violence against educators after the slaying of a teacher who used caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad during a le...