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Children sleeping on mats in overcrowded plastic pods: Inside a facility on the US-Mexico border

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Children lying side by side in plastic-lined pods. Shelves stocked with supplies, including baby bottles and diapers. Girls huddled together in a playpen - where they'll also sleep at night - singing and coloring wi...

Real-time talk with a sleeping person is possibleand they can even understand it

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People can say all sorts of strange things in their sleep, but a new study suggests that someone in the middle of a vivid dream can understand questions -- and even answer them. Dreams have been widely studied, e ...

Dormi sul lavoro? Offerte dell'azienda $3,000 per "La bella addormentata"’ per testare i materassi

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E se potessi essere pagato per dormire? Bene, indovina un po -- Puoi: $ 3,000 per essere precisi. Drogato del sonno, una piattaforma di revisione del materasso, sta cercando un file "Bella Addormentata" chi verrà pagato per aver dormito. "Il nostro Slee ...

Detroit activist turns old potato chip bags into sleeping bags for the homeless

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It starts with a pile of used potato chip bags and ends with desperately needed sleeping bags to help Detroit's homeless face the brutal winter. Environmental activist Eradajere Oleita told CNN how she works her mag...

Tractor runs over and kills woman sleeping on California beach

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A woman sleeping on a beach in Oceanside, California, has died after being run over by a piece of construction equipment, la polizia ha detto alla CNN. The driver of a Caterpillar wheel loader was removing pipes from a dredging ...