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Former CIA officer on Psaki’s ‘alarming’ aankondiging: We’re moving slowly from ‘freedom to tyranny

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CRITICS SLAM THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER PSAKI REVEALS IT'S CONSULTING WITH FACEBOOK TO 'FLAG MISINFORMATION' BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT: I think that what we are watching is the slow croach from freedom to tyranny. Jy sien, een van...

Jennifer Lopez getting ‘seriousabout Ben Affleck as he ‘slowlygets to know her kids: verslag doen

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The two have rekindled their romance in recent weeks and while they've offered no public statement on the matter, the two have made little effort to conceal their affection for one another. Though only a few months i...

Canada slowly reopens as third wave of the pandemic takes heavy toll on hospitals

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Several Canadian provinces are cautiously announcing reopening plans as the country slowly recovers from a third wave of Covid-19. Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer, said Tuesday that the infect...

Ingraham: Democrats are ‘slowly but surelydestroying 2022, 2024 election prospects

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INGRAHAM: Nou, in case you haven't noticed, things are really beginning to fall apart for the Democrats on a variety of issues in a variety of ways. Nou, op dieselfde tyd, things are looking up for conservatives who ...

Tyrannosaurus rex walked surprisingly slowly, nuwe studie bevind

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Tyrannosaurus rex was a fearsome predator, but it sure wasn't a particularly fast mover. In werklikheid, most humans could easily keep up with the dinosaur without breaking a sweat. T. rex would have covered just under 3 m ...

‘Selena: Die reeks’ sings nostalgiaslowly

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In 1990, ABC tried (and failed) with a short-lived series devoted to Elvis Presley's early life. Three decades later, and a quarter-century after Selena's death, Netflix does the same with "Selena: Die reeks," wat ...

‘Fargostars Chris Rock in a mob tale that rolls along a bit too slowly

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Three years after its last edition, "Fargo" returns with Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman in key against-type roles, and an enticing mob story with the texture of a graphic novel. Yet it unfolds at such a languid, a ...