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Slim sensors kan sosiale afstand in die kantoor opspoor

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Parys (CNN Besigheid)As ondernemings onwillige werkers weer in die kantoor wil kry, die belangrikste is om maniere te vind om sosiale afstand te handhaaf. 'N Israelse maatskappy dink dit kan help, using smart sensors mounted on workp...

Could a smart light bulb help reset your body clock?

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After finishing a film on Netflix and taking one final scroll through your Facebook feed, you go to bed. It's much harder to switch off your mind than a screen, wel, and after tossing and turning, you finally dri...

Start your week smart: Coronavirus, record snow, video games, Michael Cohen, President Trump

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Going on a trip soon? Remember to be respectful! As tourism and travel swells again, so do concerns for the environment and the irreplaceable tourist destinations we love so much. Here's what else you need to know t...