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Italiaanse streke sluit af en Parys verskerp reëls namate Europa virusrekords verpletter

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Die Italiaanse streke wat die ergste getref is deur die tweede koronavirus-golf, het Vrydag 'n nuwe uitsluiting betree nadat die land die vorige dag sy hoogste aantal infeksies en sterftes behaal het.. Italië is onder 'n 10 12:00 ....

Merkel pleads with Germans to avoid a ‘last Christmas with the grandparents,’ as country smashes daily death record

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Berlin Germany was praised among European nations for its handling of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. But on Tuesday it suffered its deadliest day yet and infection rates are still rising. So what's gone wro...

Axe-wielding man smashes New Zealand Parliament building doors

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A man smashed the glass front doors of New Zealand's Parliament building with an axe early on Wednesday morning, according to authorities in the country. Police officers were called to the scene in the capital Welli...

Manchester City smashes Arsenal 5-0 as Gunners drop to bottom of Premier League

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Manchester City put on a stunning display to thrash Arsenal 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday, dropping the Gunners to the bottom of the Premier League table with their third consecutive loss. Ilkay Gundogan sc...

Geen. 20 Arkansas smashes Georgia Southern, 45-10

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Arkansas all but clinched the win on a 91-yard pass from Jefferson to preseason All-SEC wide receiver Treylon Burks with 11:18 left in the third quarter. It was Jefferson’s final touchdown pass of the game and gave A...

Global M&A dealmaking smashes all-time record to top $5 triljoen

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London/Hong KongGlobal merger and acquisition (M&A) activity shattered all-time records in 2021, comfortably erasing the high-water mark that was set nearly 15 jare terug, as an abundance of capital and sky-high v...