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The Queen is seen smiling in official royal engagement

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The UK's Queen Elizabeth was seen smiling in one of her first engagements following the funeral of her husband, Principe Filippo. The monarch conducted two virtual audiences via video link from Windsor Castle with amb...

La star di "American Pickers" Danielle Colby condivide uno scatto sorridente con l'ospite Mike Wolfe durante l'uscita "triste" di Frank Fritz

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Il "raccoglitori americani" la star ha recentemente preso su Instagram e ha condiviso un nuovo scatto sorridente dell'ospite Mike Wolfe mentre viaggiano senza l'ex co-conduttore Frank Fritz. "Adoro passare il tempo con @mikewolfeamericanpicker,"...

9/11 mastermind, 4 other Guantanamo Bay detainees seen smiling during first group court appearance in 500 giorni

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The five detainees appeared in court together, smiling and in an apparently jovial mood, per la prima volta in 500 days due delays brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Mohammed and his co-defendants are charged w...

Smiling alligator ‘photobombsFlorida officer while trapped in sewer drain

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Normally, finding an alligator trapped on a residential street would result in a very serious response. In one instance, tuttavia, police officers responding to a situation in Florida took advantage of a rare opportun...