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4 migrants killed, 3 critically injured in second deadly human smuggling incident in Texas this week

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Four migrants were killed and three people critically injured during a highway chase and crash in Encinal, Texas, in what authorities described as yet another deadly human smuggling incident this week near the south...

Gov Abbott charges Biden is lying about efforts to stop human smuggling: He campaigned on open borders

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GOV. GREG ABBOTT: The thing that struck me… He [Biden] said is he doing everything possible to stop human smuggling. That’s a lie. He has stopped doing everything that had been done to address human smuggling. He has...

Eerste op CNN: Biden-administrasie begin 'ongekend'’ operasie om mensesmokkelary te ontwrig terwyl karavaan noord beweeg

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Los Angeles Die Biden-administrasie het 'n "ongekende" operasie om menslike smokkelnetwerke te ontwrig te midde van 'n voortdurende toestroming van migrante by die grens tussen die VSA en Mexiko, Alejandro May, minister van binnelandse veiligheid....

Texas rep. says massive drug smuggling tunnel at border highlights ‘urgencyto pass legislation

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Die VSA. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California announced Monday that it located the tunnel, which goes from Tijuana, Mexico to a warehouse in Otay Mesa. The 61-foot deep tunnel includes reinforced...

Parents beware, drug cartels are using social media to lure your teen into smuggling migrants

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In a newer development at the southern border, drug cartels are now using SnapChat, Instagram, and other social media apps to recruit American teenagers from around the country to transport migrants and drugs from th...

Texas border agents encounter boy, 4, among suspected illegal immigrants smuggling marijuana into US

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The value of the seized marijuana was later determined to be worth more than $ 93,000, according to a press release from the U.S. Doeane- en grensbeskerming (CBP). After midnight Tuesday, Rio Grande Valley Secto...

Texas border officials bust driver accused of smuggling 76 migrants in trailer

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Officials reported the discovery of 76 illegal migrants on the Texas border Thursday – a large instance of organized human trafficking into the United States. The individuals were being smuggled inside a trailer, akk ...

Singapore court rejects intellectually disabled man’s final appeal against execution for drug smuggling

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A Singapore court on Tuesday rejected a final appeal by a man sentenced to death for drug trafficking, following a campaign by his lawyers who said the trial violated international laws as the man has intellectual d...

California man charged with smuggling hundreds of reptiles from Mexico, Hongkong

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A California man has been charged with smuggling more than a thousand reptiles, some endangered, into the United States. Jose Manuel Perez, 30, of Oxnard, ook bekend as "Julio Rodriguez," was charged with one count ...

Fort Hood soldiers sentenced in Texas human smuggling operation

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Two active-duty soldiers with the US Army stationed at the Fort Hood base in Texas were ordered to federal prison on Friday for "conspiring to transport" undocumented immigrants within the state, US Attorney Jennife...

Meer as 100 migrants arrive in Florida Keys in ‘smuggling event,’ Border Patrol says

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N groep van 122 migrants arrived in the US by boat Monday, landing about 20 miles north of Key West, Florida, amptenare gesê. The migrants' arrival was a "maritime smuggling event," according to US Border Patrol Chie...

Nigeria hero ‘supercopwanted for part in cocaine smuggling cartel

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Abuja, Nigeria Nigeria's 'super cop' Abba Kyari, has been declared wanted over his alleged involvement in a cocaine deal, the country's drug law enforcement agency, Maandag gesê. Kyari was suspended last August follow...

Jesse Watters says Biden is ‘running a human smuggling operation

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"Joe Biden's running a human smuggling operation," hy het gesê. "The cartels hand [migrante] to Biden at the border, and then Biden puts them in busses and planes and then just sprinkles them all over the country." "Dit is ...

Texas man caught smuggling illegal immigrants in flag-draped coffin

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Zachary Taylor Blood, 33, of Galveston, Texas pled guilty to one count of human smuggling this week, William Sadleir het in die Suidelike Distrik van New York skuldig gepleit vir die bedrog van 'n beleggingsfonds genaamd die Fonds. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery. LêER FOTO: A group of asylum seeker...

Six charged with smuggling weapons, ammo to violent Mexican drug cartel

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Marco Antonio Santillan Valencia, 51, a Los Angeles-area resident, led the gun trafficking organization and funded the weapons and ammo purchases for the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel with drug proceeds, authoritie...

Man van Florida in hegtenis geneem naby die grens tussen die VSA en Kanada en aangekla van mensesmokkelary

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’n Man van Florida is aangekla van mensesmokkelary nadat ’n Amerikaanse grenspatrollieagent twee ongedokumenteerde buitelandse burgers ontdek het wat saam met hom in ’n bussie minder as een myl suid van die VSA-Kanadese grens in Minn..

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