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May winter storm to dump feet of snow on Big Sky Country

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Following widespread drought and an unseasonably warm Monday, a cold front that brought rain to the state on Tuesday has set the stage for a winter storm that could potentially last through the weekend. NATIONAL WEAT...

New York City public schools cancel snow days, citing the success of remote learning during the pandemic

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The joy of snow days is no more for New York City public school students. Instead of building snowmen and finding little hills to sled down, students in grades K-12 will be expected to log onto their digital devices...

Storms, snow and sunshine are all in the forecast this Mother’s Day weekend

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Mother's Day is this weekend, and if you plan to hold brunch or other celebrations outdoors, the weather will be a factor to consider. Severe storms -- some that could spawn tornadoes -- will impact portions of the ...

Piers Morgan slams consent criticism over revamped Snow White ride at reopened Disneyland

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L'ex "Buongiorno Gran Bretagna" anchor penned a long essay for The Daily Mail on Wednesday railing against the criticism over the revamped Snow White ride at Disneyland in California. Recentemente, two journalists exp...

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: West facing rain, mountain snow

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This system along with the associated cold front will move into the central U.S. tomorrow, bringing the risk for strong to severe weather Tuesday from Texas to the Great Lakes. The risk of severe weather ...

Massive car pileup in Wisconsin leaves 1 morto, several injured amid whiteout snow conditions

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Dashcam video from the scene shows a tractor-trailer losing control on Interstate 41 in Washington County and slamming into a snowplow before overturning in the low-visibility weather. NATIONAL WEATHER FORECAST: FREE...

White Sox, Indians postponed by snow, cold weather

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Fino a 4 inches of snow fell overnight in the Cleveland area, and there was still snow covering the infield tarp at Progressive Field when the game was called about five hours before the scheduled 6:10 p.m. first pitc...

Pioggia, then snow halts game with D’backs leading Reds in 8th

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Play was called just before the rain turned into snow at Great American Ball Park. It will resume before the teams play their regularly scheduled game on Wednesday night. Both will be nine-inning regulation games. CL...

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Cold temperatures, snow to spread across US

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A cold surge plunging southward from Canada is dropping temperatures and setting the stage for measurable snow this week. Le previsioni nazionali per lunedì, aprile 19. (Fox News)

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Parts of Northeast could see more than a foot of snow

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More than a foot of snow will be possible across interior New England, especially western Massachusetts into southern New Hampshire and Vermont, where winter storm warnings are in effect. Expected snowfall ...

Spring lets winter get the last laugh as snow is forecast across portions of the US

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Winter takes its last breath across most of the US this week, with widespread below-average temperatures and late-season snow in the forecast. The spring-like temperatures last week are fading this week as a dip in ...

Powerful storm system brings with it blizzard conditions, more snow, rain and flood concerns

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More than seven million Americans are under winter weather alerts and about 300,000 under blizzard warnings Sunday morning amidst a powerful storm system that blanketed parts of the western Plains with snow and unle...

‘Impossible travel conditionsas spring storm delivers historic snow and severe storms

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Severe weather, historic snowfall and flash flooding are forecast for the next few days in areas of the central United States, from the Rockies to the Mississippi River Valley. This storm system begins with its firs...

Dopo che la neve si scioglie, inizierà l'allagamento. Ecco come prepararsi

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Probabilmente hai familiarità con i pericoli che la neve e il ghiaccio rappresentano per gli automobilisti. Ma per quanto riguarda la tua casa? Più di 73% della terraferma degli Stati Uniti è stata coperta dalla neve la scorsa settimana, secondo la National Oceanic a ...

Una donna di Seattle di 90 anni cammina per sei miglia nella neve per ottenere il suo vaccino Covid-19

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Molte persone negli Stati Uniti sono determinate a ottenere il loro vaccino Covid-19, ma una novantenne residente a Seattle ha mostrato quanto fosse motivata a camminare per sei miglia nella neve per fissare il suo appuntamento. Fran Goldman ha detto alla CNN t ...

Here’s how to drive safely on ice and snow

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Winter storms ravaged swathes of the United States this week, creating dangerous road conditions from Texas to New York. Bad weather has led to at least 37 deceduti -- including several fatalities resulting from car c...