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Carli Lloyd, US women’s soccer dominate Paraguay as star’s career winds down

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Die VSA. women’s national team took on Paraguay in an international friendly and if you took away the other goals from Lloyd’s teammates, there still would’ve been more than enough for the Americans to win the match....

Chicharito thrilled with hot start, youth soccer initiative

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Chicharito’s rebound from a rough MLS debut season is going splendidly, and now the Mexican superstar is sharing his good fortune by joining an initiative to fund soccer development in underserved U.S. communities, ek ...

China cracks down on national soccer players having tattoos to ‘set a good example for society

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China’s General Administration of Sport (GAS) advised players who had tattoos to remove any of the ones they currently have with new players being strictly prohibited from getting any kind of ink on their bodies, akk ...

Cincinnati women’s soccer player’s parents warn about carbon monoxide poisoning after her drowning

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Ally Sidloski was at East Fork State Park in Clermont County, Ohio and was hanging onto a swimming platform when she disappeared into the water. Authorities recovered her body the next day and noted that she wasn’t w...

Clemson wins NCCA men’s soccer title, beats Washington 2-0

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It was Clemson's third national championship. The Tigers also won in 1984 en 1987. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Washington goalkeeper Sam Fowler was caught out of position and Reid easily scored his fi...

Afrigter van NWSL sokkerspan bedank, 'n dag voor berig beweer verbale en emosionele mishandeling van spelers

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Die afrigter van die Chicago Red Stars het Sondag bedank, 'n dag nadat hy sy span na die Nasionale Vroue Sokkerliga-titelwedstryd gelei het en 'n dag voor 'n Washington Post-verslag beweer dat spelers hom van ver..

Cristiano Ronaldo drills woman with soccer ball during warmups prior to Champions League match

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Ronaldo was practicing a free kick when he booted the soccer ball over the crossbar and it hit the stadium worker in the back of the head. She immediately fell to the ground. ...

Die Nederlandse sokkerster Matthijs de Ligt beplan om COVID-19-entstof te vermy

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De Ligt het aan ESPN NL gesê hy dink hy moet "in beheer wees" van sy liggaam. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Ek het nog nie ingeënt nie, dit is nie verpligtend nie," het hy aan die afsetpunt gesê. "Ek dink jy moet in beheer wees ...

Effort underway to rescue girls soccer team from Afghanistan

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An international effort to evacuate members of the Afghanistan national girls soccer team, along with dozens of family members and soccer federation staff, suffered a crushing setback last week after a suicide bombin...

England-Scotland: Rivalry that started international soccer

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How wrong they were. The West of Scotland Cricket Club was packed on Nov. 30, 1872. "It was a big social success and a financial success," soccer historian Andy Mitchell said. "So that was the stepping stone that mad...

European soccer split as 12 clubs launch breakaway league

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The seismic move to shake up the world's biggest sport is partly engineered by the American owners of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United who also run U.S. franchises in closed leagues — a model they are trying ...

European soccer split: elite clubs threaten breakaway league

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European football's governing body is aware that clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are among those renewing a push to launch a Super League, a person with knowledge of the situation told Th...

Ex-Salvadoran soccer boss pleads guilty to bribery charge

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In remote proceedings, Reynaldo Vasquez pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy for accepting bribes in exchange for awarding media and marketing rights for games played by the Salvadoran national soccer team. KLIK...

Ex-Virginia Tech soccer star sues coach, claims he forced her off team because she wouldn’t kneel

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Hening, 21, was a midfielder/defender for the Hokies from 2018 aan 2020. In a federal lawsuit filed last month, Hening said that her former coach, Charles Adair, wasn’t a fan of her political views. According to the d...

Federal judge approves partial deal between women, US Soccer

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Amerikaanse. District Judge R. Gary Klausner approved the Dec. 1 settlement during a hearing Monday. The deal calls for charter flights, hotel accommodations, venue selection and professional staff support equitable to that ...

Finland sees spike in virus cases from returning soccer fans

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The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on Saturday urged "all passengers who have traveled from St. Petersburg to Finland by any bus company to apply for a coronavirus test." KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING ...