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Matt Schlapp: Biden’s ‘new normal’ includes socialism, inflación, racial divisions

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Guest host Tammy Bruce heard from Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, about how even some Democrats are having second thoughts about the agenda their party has pursued. A broader conversation f...

Ecuador votes for president as voters lean toward socialism

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QuitoEcuadoreans choose a new president on Sunday, with many voters weary of painful economic austerity measures and eager for a return to socialism, encouraging left-wing candidate Andres Arauz who hopes to win with...

McConnell blasts ‘wild’ $3.5T spending bill, says Dems do not have mandate to ‘introduce socialism

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"It's a wild spending taxing spree, completely inappropriate for the country, which is already suffering from dramatic inflation," McConnell, R-Ky., expressed to host Harris Faulkner. "Running the country into the gr...

Video: College students see socialism as ‘good thing,’ would abolish private property rights

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"Soy [a] socialista," a Georgetown University student said in a video posted by Campus Reform. "It’s kind of the only way we’re going to get anything close to real…social reform." INGRAHAM: LEFT-WING DEMOCRATS TURN ON...

Malliotakis reacts to Cuban protesters calling to end socialism: ‘A reminder of how fortunate we are

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DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS IGNORE CUBAN PROTESTERS RAILING AGAINST MUNIST DICTATORSHIP NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS: What people need to understand is that people in Cuba right now, they are starving, they don’t have food, and they...

Sean Hannity: Las victorias de los republicanos de Virginia son "solo el primer paso’ en la derrota del socialismo

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"No nos anticipemos," la "Hannity" el anfitrión dijo a los espectadores el miércoles. "Lo que sucedió en Virginia ... es solo el primer paso. No podemos olvidar a los socialistas radicales del Green New Deal, todavía están a cargo y ...

Republicans spotlight Cuba as socialism failure as protests erupt amid historic economic crisis

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Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in Havana over the weekend to lash out at the worsening conditions in the country under the communist regime, as Cuba faces its worst economic crisis in decades. CUBAN ANTI-GOV...

GOP congressman says Biden’s infrastructure plan is ‘5-lane highwayto socialism

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Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., took the president’s trillion-dollar plan to task on Tuesday on social media, likening the Democrats' infrastructure plan to socialism. "Infrastructure to Democrats is a five lane highway to...

Universal basic income is ‘a pilot program for socialism’: Lahren

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TOMI LAHREN: Small business owners have had it hard enough in the last year and a half. The problem is that some Americans have become addicted to government. The government is using your taxpayer dollars as I said t...

David Bossie: California recall voters chose Newsom, Demócratas’ disastrous policies, socialismo. What gives?

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The results showing Newsom surviving the recall by a margin of 64% a 36% – with many votes still left to be counted – gives us a snapshot of the dire situation unfolding in the state once described as "The Promised ...

Newt Gingrich: Big Government Socialism isn’t ‘free– all programs taxpayer-funded, meaning YOU pay for them

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Don’t fall for it. Vermont Sen.. Bernie Sanders’ belief in socialism has now infected virtually the entire elected membership of the Democratic Party in Washington. This infection persists despite daily evidence that ...

Venezuela is quietly quitting socialism

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Shantytowns surround Caracas, Venezuela's capital, like the walls of a bowl. Little houses pile on each other on the steep hills, some reachable only by vertiginous staircases. A principios de este mes, Ingrid Sanchez tr...

Rand Paul: La distribución de anticuerpos contra el coronavirus puede estar estancada por el socialismo, otras "razones políticas"

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Paul sugirió que con los demócratas dirigiendo Washington, los anticuerpos que potencialmente salvan vidas pueden distribuirse de acuerdo con el pensamiento socialista en lugar de un plan capitalista que enfatiza los conceptos básicos de suministro..

Marco Rubio: Biden’s ‘build back socialism’ plan designed to take control of America

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MARCO RUBIO: The dividing line in politics isn’t even left or right anymore. It is crazy versus normal. It’s these people that run our school systems and parents, who during the pandemic for the first time got to see...

Mark McCloskey, S t. Louis, el hombre que defendió a casa de BLM, anuncia la candidatura al Senado para detener el "socialismo" de Biden’

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Mark McCloskey, quien junto a su esposa Patricia, fue fotografiado el año pasado empuñando un rifle y una pistola respectivamente cuando los manifestantes Black Lives Matter ingresaron a su propiedad, le dijo al presentador Tucker Carlson que el ...

Biden-DemsBig Government Socialism isn’t working

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Go to your local gas station and ask folks filling up their gas tanks if they think things are working. Go to the grocery store and watch people coping with the rising cost of food and ask if they think things are wo...

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