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‘Secret Society of Second-Born Royalsgives Disney+ an X-Men-like franchise

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"The New Mutants" might have landed with a dull thud, but Disney actually has a promising teen-driven movie indebted to the X-Men franchise in "Secret Society of Second-Born Royals," an extremely clever concept that...

Japanese Prime Minister sets goal of zero emissions, carbon-neutral society by 2050

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Japan's Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, said the country will aim to become carbon neutral by 2050. In his first policy speech since taking office last month, Suga told Japan's parliament Monday that his "administra...

McDonald’s CEO: How we are thinking differently about our role in society

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Chris Kempczinski is president and CEO of McDonald's Corporation. Las opiniones expresadas en este comentario son suyas.. .imagen-flotante-izquierda { ancho:100%; monitor:cuadra; margen:0 a...

Already shunned from polite society, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner face new cold post-insurrection reality

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When Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner shared their decision to pick up and move their family to Washington from New York four years ago, multiple sources who know the couple said the idea was the White House years wou...

A dog groomer’s call to the Nebraska Humane Society helped save pet owner’s life

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After a pet owner in Omaha, Nebraska, failed to pick up his dog, a PetSmart groomer noticed something was amiss and sprang to action. The owner was described as "a regular" at the pet supply store, y "his dog was...

"Yasuke’ y "Sociedad de la Justicia: Segunda Guerra Mundial’ agregar músculo al boom en la animación para adultos

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Ha sido cierto durante mucho tiempo que la animación no es solo para niños, pero el crecimiento de los servicios de transmisión ha aumentado la apuesta por el contenido animado orientado a adultos -- no solo en términos de comedia atrevida, pero als ...

'Madre adolescente’ La alumna Farrah Abraham dice que la vergüenza sexual de Chrissy Teigen es "patética".: "Una persona no apta en la sociedad’

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En una nueva entrevista con Fox News, la "Madre adolescente" alumbre afirma Teigen, 35, es "una persona no apta en la sociedad" después de que resurgieron tweets que mostraban al autor del libro de cocina, el troll Abraham, en 2013, llamándola "nosotros" en Twitter. "Eso...

Greg Gutfeld: You only need a tiny minority to destroy society

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But we should all condemn arson, correcto? Bien, not so fast hypothetical viewer I’m having an imaginary conversation with. You haven't heard the story of Daniel Elder. A talented musical artist specializing in leftwi...

Violent public outbursts and unruly behavior may keep some from reentering societybut likely not for long, los expertos dicen

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Just when you thought you were ready for a soft return to public life, this happens: An unruly plane passenger commandeers an intercom. A grocery store clerk was killed after asking a customer to pull up his mask. C...

How the NFL is holding up a mirror to American society

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Pro football is, con mucho, America's favorite sport. The ratings for NFL games dominate the most-watched show in any given week, month or year -- and even the NFL draft has become a must-see television spectacular. Th ...

Dr. Carol Swain: NFL ‘capitulating to the most radical elements in our society

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NFL 2021 SEASON WILL INCLUDE BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM, SOCIAL JUSTICE MESSAGES AGAIN: REPORT DR. SWAIN: I think it unnecessarily politicizes a game that traditionally has brought Americans together and it represents a c...

Vivek Ramaswamy discusses how corporations define how society works on ‘Tucker Carlson Today

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"So I studied molecular biology," Ramaswamy said of his early college career. "I was kind of the nerdy guy in the lab, spent most of my time neck-deep in the lab in college, y sabes, that was part of why later I...

Judge Jeanine slams train passengers who recorded woman being raped: ‘Total disintegration of society’

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"This speaks to the disintegration of a society. It is a culture that is non-feeling, dehumanizing victims when we are literally seeing them in front of us," Pirro said on "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos." Pirro noted that two f...

Israel labels six Palestinian civil society groups ‘terrorist,’ setting challenge for international donors

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Jerusalem Israel's government has declared six Palestinian civil society groups supported by the international community as terrorist organizations, prompting dismay among human rights campaigners. Among the groups...

El ex comisionado de policía suena a sospechoso de Waukesha: "Este tipo debería haber sido separado de la sociedad"

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"Es notable que la oficina del fiscal de distrito ya haya dicho que debería haber sido detenido con una fianza más alta," Davis dijo "America Reports." "Miras el video sin editar de él no solo cortando, pero ...

Pence pide a la Corte Suprema que revoque a Roe: "Nada ha sido más desestabilizador en nuestra sociedad’ que el aborto

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Hablando en el National Press Club el martes, Pence declaró que decisiones anteriores determinaron incorrectamente que el aborto era clave para la estabilidad de la nación.. "La verdad es que nada ha sido más desestabilizador en nuestra sociedad..

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