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Powdered bones are keeping Solar Orbiter cool thanks to an Irish startup

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)When the European Space Agency (DIT) designed a spacecraft to fly closer to the sun than any other probe in history, it faced a major problem: how to shield the probe from extreme heat and radiat...

CNN exclusive: A solar panel in space is collecting energy that could one day be beamed to anywhere on Earth

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Scientists working for the Pentagon have successfully tested a solar panel the size of a pizza box in space, designed as a prototype for a future system to send electricity from space back to any point on Earth. Th ...

Newly discovered comet photographed during solar eclipse

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A newly discovered sungrazer comet was photographed approaching the sun during last week's solar eclipse before it evaporated into dust particles. The comet was first spotted by Thai amateur astronomer Worachate Boo...

‘Unprecedentedhigh-res image of sunspot captured by new solar telescope

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Sunspots -- dark areas on the sun -- help scientists track activity on the surface of our solar system's star. These dark spots are the origin point for the explosive flares and ejections that release light, solar m...

You can see every planet in our solar system this week

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It might be time to break out that telescope. Hierdie week, there will be some not so familiar sights in the sky: all seven of the planets that make up our solar system will be visible at various points throughout the ...

The solar fridge helping African entrepreneurs living off the grid

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)Keeping food fresh without refrigeration is near impossible in the scorching climate of sub-Saharan Africa. But fridges are hard to come by in a region where almost 600 million people live off th...