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Opinion: If we want to solve climate change, businesses need to invest in our planet 

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Kathleen Rogers is President of EARTHDAY.ORG, a global year-round policy and activist organization with programs around the world. She has been at the vanguard of developing campaigns focused on expanding and diversi...

Brit Hume: Jy moet bedank want..

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Jy moet bedank want..: dit is, Jy moet bedank want.., Jy moet bedank want... Jy moet bedank want... Jy moet bedank want.., reg? En ek wonder hoeveel ander nuus organiseer ...

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr says moments of silence won’t solve gun violence

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Following Sunday's mass shooting in downtown Sacramento, Kalifornië, that left six people dead and a dozen injured, the head coach of one of the NBA's most-watched teams has renewed his call for stronger gun control...

Gravity could solve renewable energy’s biggest problem

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)In the Swiss municipality of Arbedo-Castione, a 70-meter crane stands tall. Six arms protrude from the top, hoisting giant blocks into the sky. But these aren't building blocks, and the crane isn...

Texas governor rips Biden on fuel prices: ‘We could solve this problem’

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GREG ABBOTT: Luister, Sean, I'm coming to you tonight from San Patricio County. San Patricio County is on the Gulf Coast right next to Corpus Christi, through this county runs a lot of natural gas pipelines that conne...

NY police commissioner seeks to solve Gilgo Beach serial killings with new task force

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Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said Tuesday that the task force includes investigators from the FBI, New York State Police, Suffolk County Police Department Homicide Squad, Suffolk County District...

China’s Eileen Gu takes criticism head on: ‘I’m not trying to solve political problems right now

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The 18-year-old American-born skier who chose to represent China in the 2022 Winter Olympics answered questions about her nationality and goals for the future. LEEF OPDATE: BEIJING OLYMPICS Ailing Eileen ...

Byna 58 jare later, police solve cold case murder of 9-year-old Pennsylvania girl

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Byna 58 jare terug, Marise Chiverella was murdered and her body left in a hole in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She was only 9 jaar oud. State police worked tirelessly over the years but were unable to identify her kill...

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CNN se John Harwood verdedig Biden na bewering dat daar 'geen federale oplossing is nie’ om COVID op te los

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Biden het Maandag aanvanklik aan 'n konferensie met verskeie staatsgoewerneurs deelgeneem om nuwe maniere te bespreek om groeiende gevalle van die koronavirus as gevolg van die omicron-variant te bekamp. Nadat hy met Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchi...

Police won’t rule out DNA to solve 1996 JonBenet killing

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The 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of her family’s Boulder home on Dec. 26, 1996, bludgeoned and strangled, several hours after her mother called 911 to say her daughter was missing, and a ransom note had ...

Las Vegas police solve cold case rape, murder of 16-year-old

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Kim Bryant, a student at Western High School, was reported missing by her mother on Jan. 26, 1979, after she didn’t come home from school, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Ray Spencer said during a press conference....

Las Vegas police use DNA testing and genealogical research to solve 42-year-old homicide of teen girl

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Advanced DNA testing and genome sequencing helped Las Vegas police crack the case of a 16-year-old girl who was found dead 42 jare terug, ondersoekbeamptes Maandag aangekondig. Kim Bryant was reported missing on January 26,...

Chicago mayor and police superintendent urge people to provide information to solve September shooting death of four-year-old

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot asked residents in a news conference Saturday to "step up" and come forward with any information that will lead to the shooter or shooters that killed a 4-year-old boy on September 3. "W ...

DeSantis says Florida ports can help solve supply chain crisis: ‘Bring it to Florida

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In 'n verskyning op "Tucker Carlson Vanaand," DeSantis pointed to the ongoing backlogs at California ports which have led to empty shelves and ongoing supply chain shortages in communities across the U.S. "We have ca...

Kamala Harris came in to solve issues in Central America. But the problem is now much bigger.

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Washington When President Joe Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to address the reasons people migrate to the US southern border, her focus was on addressing problems in Central America. But seven months later...

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