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A ‘talking filibusterisn’t going to solve the Senate’s problems

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President Joe Biden threw his significant political weight this week behind an effort to reform the Senate's filibuster process, telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos that "you have to do it what it used to be when I ...

Can a new constitution solve Chile’s old problems?

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For a country at peace, Chile has seen plenty of recent turmoil. Churches were set ablaze and hundreds arrested during protests in the capital Santiago last weekend, nearly a year after at least 26 people died in fi...

Neanderthal child’s skeleton buried 41,000 years ago may solve long-standing mystery

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Is burying the dead a practice unique to Homo sapiens? Or did other early humans such as Neanderthals lay their loved ones to rest under the earth? It's a topic of long-standing debate among archaeologists. Adesso, evi...

Governatore del Tennessee: 'Una cosa che questo vaccino non risolverà o curerà è l'egoismo’

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Mentre lo stato si prepara a somministrare la sua prima spedizione di vaccini Covid-19, Il governatore del Tennessee Bill Lee esorta tutti i residenti a essere vigili e a continuare ad agire in modo responsabile durante questa pandemia. Mentre l'aut ...

The pandemic didn’t solve climate change. This week’s disasters are proof

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If you thought Covid-19 restrictions, like enforced lockdowns and social distancing, would put a lasting dent in our collective carbon footprint and save the world from warming, you were mistaken. All'inizio di quest'anno,...

L'agenzia di spionaggio britannica sfida 'uomini e donne saggi’ per risolvere il puzzle della cartolina di Natale

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Londra La più grande agenzia di spionaggio del Regno Unito, GCHQ, ha inviato la sua cartolina di Natale annuale completa di un rompicapo. Prova a risolvere il puzzle completando una serie di sequenze di lettere, poi compila le tue risposte sulla specia ...