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Retired general calls for Milley’s resignation: Actions ‘somewhere between treason and dereliction of duty

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MILLEY SPOKESMAN DEFENDS CALLS WITH CHINA AS 'VITAL' TO 'AVOIDING UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OR CONFLICT' DON BOLDUC: I believe his actions are irresponsible and they fall somewhere between treason and dereliction of du...

Landscaper leaps into action to save man’s life as homeowners berate him: ‘Die somewhere else

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"Get off our lawn," the homeowners yelled during the incident, secondo la polizia. "Get the man out of here, have him die somewhere else." The scene unfolded Monday in Palm Beach County when a landscaper only identi...

Lara Trump to US Olympian who protested flag: Apologize or compete somewhere else

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OLD GWEN BERRY PHOTO OF HER HOLDING AMERICAN FLAG GOES VIRAL AMID ANTHEM UPROAR LARA TRUMP: Guarda, I think we all know that this was a stunt. This was an attempt, a very selfish attempt at that, by her to make a name ...

I liberali gioiscono per la morte di Donald Rumsfeldfeld: 'Vorrei che ci fosse un posto peggiore dove potesse andare’

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"Per chi è troppo giovane per saperlo, Donald Rumsfeld era un essere umano atroce la cui eredità è illegale nell'ingegneria, disastroso & guerre inutili che continuano a traumatizzare generazioni. Non aveva rimorsi o contrizioni...

UN food chief on border, pandemia: ‘When you don’t have food, you pack up and go find it somewhere

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"Her little feet were sticking out of the blanket, and I tickled her feet," World Food Program executive director David Beasley told Fox News. "And it was like tickling a ghost. There was no reaction at all." Six mo...