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Hutchinson was 1 of the witnesses Trump world sought to influence, bronne sê

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Cassidy Hutchinson, a former Trump White House aide, told the House January 6 committee that she was contacted by someone attempting to influence her testimony, three sources familiar with the hearing presentation t...

Harold Varner III sought advice from Michael Jordan before making LIV Golf decision

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Varner, a 31-year-old golfer who has wins at the Australian PGA Championship and the PIF Saudi International, has a business relationship with Jordan and the Jordan Brand. According to Sports Illustrated on Friday, V ...

New York hooded robbery suspects who held up store clerk at gunpoint being sought

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The suspects entered the store in Queens around 12:05 am. op Mei 2 wearing hoodies and black face masks. One suspect approached the counter and pointed a handgun at the 31-year-old clerk, the New York Police Departm...

New Hampshire person of interest sought after retired couple slain on hike

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The person was described as a male in his late 20s to early 30s with a medium build and short brown hair. He is around 5 voete, 10 sentimeter lank. MISSING NEW HAMPSHIRE COUPLE FOUND DEAD IN WOODS WITH GUNSHOT WOUNDS: PO...

Colorado couple sought in accidental shooting death of mother’s 6-year-old son

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Police in Fort Collins are looking for Rosinetta Mackall, 40, the mother of Roy Summers, and her husband, Ron Matthews, the department said Thursday. Mackall is wanted on suspicion of child abuse – knowingly and reck...

Januarie 6 committee obtains emails that former Trump attorney John Eastman sought to keep secret

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Washington Die Huis se gekose komitee wat die Januarie ondersoek 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol has obtained a cache of emails that right-wing lawyer John Eastman had sought to keep secret. Die 101 e-posse -- excha...

En hoekom hulle die hele tyd fokus, is net om die grens in humanitêre terme te definieer’ En hoekom hulle die hele tyd fokus, is net om die grens in humanitêre terme te definieer’ En hoekom hulle die hele tyd fokus, is net om die grens in humanitêre terme te definieer

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En hoekom hulle die hele tyd fokus, is net om die grens in humanitêre terme te definieer, En hoekom hulle die hele tyd fokus, is net om die grens in humanitêre terme te definieer. En hoekom hulle die hele tyd fokus, is net om die grens in humanitêre terme te definieer.

How GOP presidents have sought to make Supreme Court history

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Republican senators who have criticized President Joe Biden's pledge to appoint the first Black woman justice are disregarding their own party's patterns tied to race and the value modern presidents have put on a no...

Chicago suspect sought after yelling at Jewish students: ‘All of you should be killed

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The incident happened just before 2:30 nm. op Jan.. 13 outside the Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi Academy on North Carolina Avenue, Chicago police said. CHICAGO POLICE MAKE ARREST IN ANTISEMITIC HATE CRIME SPREE TARGETING SYN...

Missing Harmony Montgomery: Deadbeat dad’s mother-in-law sought restraining order over summer

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Montgomery is married to the complainant's daughter, Kayla Montgomery, although they separated months ago. Fox News has chosen not to publish her name because there was a threat of domestic violence. Kayla and Adam M...

Chris Cuomo sought to discredit Fox NewsJanice Dean for speaking out on brother’s nursing home scandal

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Dekaan, who lost both of her in-laws last year after they had contracted the coronavirus in nursing homes, had placed blame on then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's controversial policy ordering assisted-living facilities ...

Thai court rules protesters sought to topple monarchy as kingdom defends royal insults law at UN

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Bangkok, ThailandA Thai court ruled on Wednesday that three anti-government activists who had called for reform of the country's powerful monarchy had violated the constitution by making what it called a veiled attem...

Loudoun County-aanklaer wat probeer het om die pa van 'n meisie wat na bewering verkrag is by die skool gekoppel aan Soros tronk toe te dien, McAuliffe

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Loudoun County Statebond se prokureur Buta Biberaj is in die plofbare verslag deur The Daily Wire beskryf as die "progressief" verkose provinsie aanklaer wat op 'n platform van einde gehardloop het "massa-opsluiting," maar tog...

Denver verdagtes gearresteer, nog een gesoek in reeks misdade, insluitend die moord op die Joodse skoolstudent

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Die verdagtes, van wie die ouderdom wissel 18 aan 21, is in hegtenis geneem op verdenking van veelvuldige misdade, insluitend die moord op 'n 18-jarige student, inbraak, roof met verswarende omstandighede en diefstal van motorvoertuie ....

Biden WH memo before Taliban takeover sought to end protections for Americans trapped abroad

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Biden WH memo before Taliban takeover sought to lift protections for Americans trapped abroadThe Biden administration moved in June to dismantle a system designed to protect American citizens trapped abroad — just mo...

Biden sought new eviction moratorium but lacked legal authority: wit Huis

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden would have "strongly supported" a decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to further extend its eviction moratorium, but noted that the Suprem...

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