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Voters sound off on ‘insanestate of economy under Biden, say he’s ‘listening to too many liberals

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On CBS’ "Face the Nation," host Margaret Brennan appeared with a "Listening to America" focus group of voters to discuss issues concerning Americans. Among the six voters on the panel, not a single person claimed tha...

Arizonans sound off on Kyrsten Sinema, opposition to filibuster reform

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"I’m just pleased that she’s not going along with her Democratic Party," one man told Fox News. A woman speaks to Fox News in Tucson, Arizona, about Sen. Cine.

Australian Open favorites sound off on Novak Djokovic saga: ‘All this could have been avoided

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Rafael Nadal, among the favorites to win the Aussie Open, admitted he’s "a little bit tired of the situation." HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Spain's Rafael Nadal gestures during a press conference ...

Ancla de MSNBC: Republican proposed changes to debate committee ‘sound reasonable

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In a letter from the RNC to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) that Fox News obtained on Thursday, the committee said it will require its presidential candidates running in the 2024 election cycle to pledge...

Republicans sound off on Sen. Manchin’s Build Back Better resistance: ‘Sane moderate Democrat

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Manchin told "Domingo de Fox News" that despite having spoken with President Biden, Presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., y el líder de la mayoría del Senado, Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., he could not reach an agreement on the legislati...

nosotros, Los aliados europeos suenan pesimistas cuando se rompen las conversaciones nucleares de Irán en Viena

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Funcionarios estadounidenses y europeos emitieron una nota pesimista el viernes cuando concluyó la última ronda de conversaciones para reactivar el acuerdo nuclear con Irán., diciendo que las demandas maximalistas de Teherán y el impulso para relajarse previamente acordado p ...

Craft brewery owners sound alarm on rising cost of aluminum cans due to inflation

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"It’s been tough," Barbiere said on "zorro & Amigos." "It’s getting harder source these cans, especially with prices going up. And we don’t want to pass that cost to our customers too much. So we're definitely fee...

'El cinco’ sound off on Biden’s ‘out-of-touchNantucket visit

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"This is Biden and company: Create a problem, blame somebody else and then use demagoguery to completely shirk accountability," she said Friday on "El cinco." Their conduct, ella añadió, follows the same playbook as Wa...

Bongino rasga liberal St. Louis alcalde por restar importancia al sonido de los disparos: "Ellos podrían detenerlo’

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People in Nashville sound off on Facebook amid whistleblower scandal and name change

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Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday the company would rebrand itself under the name "Meta," though Facebook, Instagram and other apps the company owns would keep their names. "I think Facebook is good ...

Grocery store shoppers sound off on surging prices

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"Can't afford half the stuff… I think it's outrageous," one shopper in Lanham, Maryland, una ciudad 10 miles northeast from the district, dijo a Fox News. "It's crazy!" another woman leaving Costco said. WATCH to see ever...

From ‘net zeroto ‘mitigation,’ here’s how to sound smart on climate

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The whole world seems to be talking about the climate crisis, thanks to months of wild weather and new science showing that we need to act quicker than we previously thought to avoid the worst consequences. As leade...

First U.S. Chief Software Officer resigns to sound alarm that U.S. must outcompete China

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"I realize more clearly than ever before," el escribio, "that in 20 years from now, our children...will have no chance competing in a world where China has the drastic advantage of population over the US." Chaillan told...

New Yorkers sound the alarm on crime rates: ‘The wild, wild West

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"The city has regressed the past eight years under the mayor," Gabriel, a lifelong New Yorker who works near Times Square, told Fox News in an interview. "Crime in the subways, old women getting robbed … homicide go...

Del Rio residents sound off on Biden’s handling of migrant surge

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"I feel that it's the fault of the president," one local told Fox News. Immigrants "felt they had been promised by the president that they would become United States citizens," one local told Fox News. BIDEN ADVISER ...

‘Every day there’s irreparable harm’: Civic organizations sound alarms about impact of GOP-backed voting bills on registering new voters

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Washington, DC As voting rights groups look to register new voters on National Voter Registration Day, some organizers are sounding alarms about how new voting laws in Florida and Kansas are affecting voter registrat...

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