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There will be no Trump china collection due to cost and time, bron sê

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The Trump administration will not have its own signature collection to display in the White House China Room -- another departure from protocol for the outgoing first family. Timing and exorbitant cost prevented out...

DOJ closes insider trading investigation into Sen. Richard Burr, bron sê

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The Justice Department has notified Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina that it has closed the insider trading investigation into him, a person briefed on the matter told CNN on Tuesday. The New York Tim...

Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren ‘do a great job co-parenting’ after sex scandal: bron

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top vermaakopskrifte vir Januarie 18 Fox News Flash se topvermaak en beroemdheidsopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat kliek vandag in die vermaak. Tiger Woods’ ex-wife El...

Capitol Police ‘looking atreports of members giving tours in days before riot: bron

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Video Capitol Police and acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett are looking into reports that certain members of Congress may have hosted tours of the Capitol in the days leading up to the unprecedented b...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry surprised Kate Middleton with birthday gifts, says source: She was ‘taken aback’

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top vermaakopskrifte vir Januarie 13 Fox News Flash se topvermaak en beroemdheidsopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat kliek vandag in die vermaak. Kate Middleton reported...

White House counsel considering resigning, bron sê

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White House counsel Pat Cipollone is considering resigning, sources familiar with his thinking tell CNN. Since the election, he had considered it multiple times but has been urged to stay for the good of the country...

Pence planning to attend Biden inauguration but awaiting invitation, bron sê

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Vice President Mike Pence is planning to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden but is waiting on an invitation, a source close to him confirmed to CNN on Thursday. "That's the plan," het die bron gesê. Another source s...

Trump het Pence onder druk geplaas om 'n staatsgreep te ontwerp, plaas dan die VP in gevaar, bron sê

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President Donald Trump en top amptenare van die Withuis het min gedoen om visepresident Mike Pence aan te meld terwyl hy en lede van sy gesin in die Amerikaanse Capitol was toe oproermakers wat deur Trump gesteun is, die sale van C ...

Kelley Loeffler plans objection to at least one state’s presidential election result: bron

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Goeie more en welkom by Fox News First. Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...Loeffler to object to certification of at least one presidential election resultGeorgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loef...

Lori Loughlin is leaning on faith to get through prison sentence for college admissions scandal, bron sê

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maak video toe Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli agree to plea deal in college admissions scandal Actress Lori Loughlin and designer husband Mossimo Giannulli will each spend time behind bars after agreeing to plead ...

Special Counsel John Durham expanding team, making ‘excellent progress’: bron

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close Video Will Durham investigation of Russia probe hamper Biden presidency? Former Assistant Attorney General John Yoo weighs in with his analysis on 'Your World.' Special Counsel John Durham is expanding hi...

Singapore oil tanker hit by explosion caused by ‘external sourceoff Saudi Arabia

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A Singapore-flagged oil tanker was hit by "an external source" while discharging at the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia Monday, owner and operator Hafnia said in a statement. The incident, which occurred at approxim...

Terry McAuliffe bied aan vir die tweede termyn as goewerneur in Virginia, bron sê

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Voormalige Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe plans to mount a bid for his old job in 2021, 'n bron wat vertroud is met die planne, vertel CNN, looking to become one of only a handful of Virginia politicians to serve multiple terms ...

Trump-veldtogadvokaat Jenna Ellis kontrakteer koronavirus, bron sê

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Jenna Ellis, 'n prokureur wat die Trump-veldtog se regspogings gelei het om die resultate van die 2020 presidentsverkiesing, het die koronavirus opgedoen, 'n bron wat vertroud is met die situasie bevestig ...

Rangers trading RHP Lance Lynn to White Sox: AP source

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Desember 8 Fox News Flash se topopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat klik op The Chicago White Sox are set to acquire a big workhorse for their starti...

Biden kies afgetrede genl. Lloyd Austin as sy sekretaris van verdediging te wees, bron sê

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Die gekose president Joe Biden het die afgetrede weermaggeneraal gekies. Lloyd Austin, die voormalige bevelvoerder van die Amerikaanse sentrale bevel, om sy sekretaris van verdediging te wees, 'n bron wat vertroud is met die besluit, het Maandag aan CNN gesê. As bevestig ...

Trump en Barr het 'omstrede’ Withuis vergadering vandeesweek, bron sê

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President Donald Trump en die prokureur-generaal William Barr het 'n "omstrede," 'n lang vergadering binne die West Wing hierdie week nadat Barr in 'n onderhoud aan The Associated Press gesê het dat die departement van justisie onbekend was ...

CDC-direkteur: Skole is nie 'n belangrike bron vir die oordrag van koronavirus nie

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sluit Video Coronavirus-entstof moet na gesondheidswerkers gaan, langtermynversorgingsfasiliteite eers: CDC The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention kondig korter koronavirus-verwante kwarantynperiodes aan..

Exclusive: Former CIA station chief Darrell Blocker floated to lead agency under Biden, bron sê

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close Video CIA officer killed in combat in Somalia Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin joins 'Special Report' with the latest EXCLUSIVE: While President-elect Joe Biden has yet to announc...

White House considering lifting European travel restrictions, bron sê

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The White House is strongly considering lifting sweeping restrictions on travel from the European Union and the United Kingdom, an administration official confirmed on Wednesday. Discussions have been ongoing for se...

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