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Abortion clinics in the Deep South are dealing with the realities of a post-Roe v. Wade world

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Jenny and Lisa had two very different experiences when they each decided to visit the Alabama Women's Center in Huntsville, nearly two weeks apart. Lisa, 18, was able to undergo an abortion procedure on June 10, sh ...

South Dakota trigger law bans abortion; Goewerneur. Noem says state’s focus is on ‘taking care of women

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SOUTH DAKOTA GOVERNOR KRISTI NOEM: I think it's important that this country recognizes that every single life is precious. The decision that we had this week was one that passes now this authority down to the states ...

An alligator killed a person near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

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A person was killed by an alligator near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, volgens die polisie. The alligator took hold of a person near the edge of a retention pond on Friday, according to a Facebook post from the H...

South African police probe 17 deaths at East London tavern

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South African authorities were on Sunday investigating the deaths of at least 17 people at a tavern in East London. Police do not know if there are any survivors from the incident because it's unclear how many peopl...

South Carolina man wins $100,000 lottery after using strategy he saw on TV

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Not everything you see on television is real, until it is ... A South Carolina man has won more than $ 100,000 after trying a lottery strategy he says was inspired by an episode of TLC's "Lottery Changed My Life." ...

3 women viciously beaten in random attack by ex-con on South Philadelphia street

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In a video captured on a Ring doorbell camera, a Black man in a pink sweatshirt can be seen walking up to a group of three White women walking down the street before slugging one of the women in the face. "Oh my god...

Monkeypox case confirmed in Singapore, two more suspected in South Korea

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Singapore Singapore has reported the first confirmed case of monkeypox in Southeast Asia during this year's outbreak -- while two further suspected cases of the disease have been found in South Korea. The case in Sin...

A South Carolina county council rescinds Pride month designation 3 weeks after it was approved

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Three weeks after the Horry County, South Carolina Council voted to designate June as Pride Month, the council voted unanimously to rescind the resolution that proclaimed support and acceptance of the LGTBQ+ communi...

South Carolina primary election results: McMaster to face Cunningham for governor

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Cunningham, 40, has made a concerted effort to contrast his age and social issue sensibilities with McMaster, wie is 75. Cunningham has promised sweeping changes to state social issues such as marijuana use, transgen...

5 takeaways from Tuesday’s elections in South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Maine and North Dakota

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South Carolina voters delivered the vengeance that Donald Trump had sought as they ousted Rep. Tom Rice, een van die 10 House Republicans who had voted to impeach the former President, in a primary Tuesday. But in a...

Trump-backed challengers could shake up South Carolina as Nevada, Maine and North Dakota also vote in Tuesday primaries

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Former President Donald Trump's sway with Republicans will face another stark test on Tuesday night in primaries around the country, but the stakes will be unusually high in two US House races in South Carolina, whe...

Trump not on the ballot, but playing key role in high profile Nevada, South Carolina primaries

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This year Trump’s birthday falls on the same day that four states — Nevada, Suid Carolina, Maine, and North Dakota — hold primaries, with Texas holding a congressional special election. "Give me a birthday present, ...

5 things to watch Tuesday in primaries in South Carolina, Nevada, Maine and more

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Two South Carolina Republicans will attempt to hold on to their seats in primaries Tuesday after breaking with former President Donald Trump over his lies about the 2020 election and his role in the January 6, 2021,...

Trucker strike in South Korea enters seventh day, hits POSCO, Hyundai Motor

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South Korean petrochemical firms on Monday joined the automobile and steel makers in cutting operations due to mounting inventories as transport disruptions from a strike by truckers spread quickly across Asia's manu...

Suid-Carolina Sen.. Tim Scott sê GOP druk om Huis- en Senaat-meerderhede terug te wen ''n spansport’

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En Scott, 'n opkomende ster in die GOP, sê dit "sonder 'n primêre, dit bied my wel die geleentheid om my kollegas regoor die land te help." Republikeine beoog om meerderhede in die Huis van Verteenwoordigers terug te wen a..

Australia says China intercepted military plane over South China Sea, forcing it to return to base

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The incident happened on May 26 involving a P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft intercepted by a Chinese J- 16 fighter aircraft during routine patrol in international airspace, Australia’s Department of Defense said....

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