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‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler speaks out after being mistakenly detained by police

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Ryan Coogler was detained by police in January after being mistaken for a bank robber. Die "Swart panter" director was in Atlanta, attempting to withdraw $ 12,000 from his account with Bank of America. The teller...

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Korie Robertson speaks out on Afghanistan, Haiti events: ‘Utterly heartbreaking

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Die "Eend-dinastie" star took to Instagram on Tuesday and opened up about the Taliban taking hold of the Afghan government as well as the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked Port-Au-Prince, killing more than 2,000 'n ...

‘Impractical Jokersstar Joe Gatto’s wife seemingly speaks out about their separation

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Just one day after Joe took to social media to tell the world that he is leaving the beloved comedy group and their TV show ahead of Season 10, Bessy Gatto, 39, took to TikTok to share a video of herself responding t...

'Trui strand’ star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro speaks out after arrest

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Op Donderdag, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) sources told Fox News that the "trui strand" star was taken into custody at 11:50 am. local time on the California penal code offense of intimate partner violence ...

‘Judge Judybailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd speaks out on not being asked to join new show ‘Judy Justice

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Byrd is perhaps best known to fans as the no-nonsense bailiff who made sure no one got out of line in the courtroom on "Judge Judy." He was with the show until it finished in 2021. Egter, speaking in a recent inter...

na motorongeluk in Texas’ na motorongeluk in Texas, na motorongeluk in Texas: 'Dankbaar om te lewe’

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Die "Mob Vroue" na motorongeluk in Texas, noem dit 'n "na motorongeluk in Texas" "na motorongeluk in Texas, na motorongeluk in Texas.

‘Regte huisvroue’ star Jennie Nguyen speaks out for first time since firing over resurfaced social media posts

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Nguyen appeared on Instagram Live on Wednesday to share her side of the story. The reality TV star claimed she couldn't remember if she posted the resurfaced posts herself or if someone from her team did, but she too...

'Die regering moet nie betrokke wees nie.’ John Legend praat uit oor aborsieregte

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Net meer as 'n maand nadat die Hooggeregshof Roe v. Wade, musikant John Legend pleit vir toegang tot aborsie en voortplantingsregte. In 'n onderhoud met David Axelrod vir CNN's "Die Axe-lêers" podcast,...

'Ons doen alles wat ons kan': Biden praat oor die hulp van die orkaan Ida

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President Joe Biden het Maandagmiddag gepraat oor die hulpverleningspogings van die orkaan Ida, terwyl hy feitlik met 'n magdom leiers vergader het wat betrokke was by die reaksie op die massiewe storm wat die Golfkus getref het.. "Ons ken die orkaan ...

‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’: Australian reporter speaks to Chinese defector

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"It wasn't just the Chinese defector who was desperately trying to tell American intelligence agencies that there was a problem," Markson told Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilme...

‘Gelukswiel’ contestant who lost on a technicality speaks out about rule change debate

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Petersen recently appeared on the game show where he inadvertently sparked calls for the show to amend its rules after the addition of one word to his answer cost him the game. During the crossword puzzle segment of ...

‘Big Little Lies’ star Reese Witherspoon speaks out on director Jean-Marc Vallée’s death: ‘My heart is broken

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"My heart is broken. My friend. Ek het jou lief," Witherspoon wrote via her Instagram Stories on Monday while including a photo of herself with the filmmaker. Vallée died "skielik" at a cabin on the outskirts of Quebec C...

‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler speaks out after being mistaken for bank robber, aangehou

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In police body-camera footage, die "Swart panter" regisseur, 35, is perplexed as to what is happening after he presented a note to a bank teller, asking to withdraw a sum of $ 12,000 in cash "from my checking accoun...

'Tiger King' ster Joe Exotic praat uit die tronk, beweer hy is polities deur die departement van justisie 'ontvoer'

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Die "Tiger King" ster se diatribe het Donderdag gekom toe Exotic - regte naam Joseph Maldonado-Passage - per gevangenistelefoon in klank gepraat het wat deur Fox News verkry is om 'n eer te aanvaar vir "Tiger King" wat die sosiale media gewen het..

‘Worst phone call of my life’: Mother of Miami banquet hall shooting victim speaks out

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"The worst phone call of my life," Angelica Green, who heard from her 24-year-old son after he was shot in the abdomen early Sunday morning, told the Miami Herald. "He was telling us if something happens to him, daardie...

A Texas school superintendent speaks out after parents accosted 2 teachers over masks

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A school superintendent in Texas is speaking out after a teacher was physically assaulted and another harassed in incidents involving masks. The incidents happened Monday at a "meet-the-teacher" event ahead of the f...

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