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Mayorkas says no ‘specific, credible threat’ to the US homeland as he marks 9/11 aniversario

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"I’m very proud to be here in New York City this morning to pay tribute to the lives lost as a result of the 9/11 ataques," Mayorkas said on CNN. "This country, 20 años, later is stronger and more secure than ever b...

Julian Assange’s family speaks out on Tucker: He committed ‘no specific crime at all’

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Assange’s father, John Shipton who is currently touring the United States to raise awareness of his son's situation, dijo "Tucker Carlson esta noche" on Wednesday that Assange really didn’t do anything wrong or commit a...

Trump’s unhappy warrior pitch to voters includes insults and highly specific grievances

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Omaha, Nebraska President Donald Trump is ending his reelection bid in a frenzied cross-country push for votes in states he won -- some handily -- four years ago. But he is not pretending to be happy about it. "Fue ....