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Sandra Bullock talks Keanu Reeves dating rumors, reveals sweet gift he gave her after ‘Speed

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The actors co-starred in the 1994 Fliek "Speed" and 2006's "The Lake House." Fast-forward to today, Bullock was recently asked by Esquire magazine if the pair ever dated, to which she simply replied: "Nope." "But wh...

German dogs to sniff out wildlife at building sites to speed up work

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Sniffer dogs are being trained by Germany's Deutsche Bahn (DB) to find protected wildlife at planned major building sites to speed up projects, the railway group said on Tuesday. Humans have so far been responsible f...

Die Suid-Koreaanse spoedskaatser Shim Suk-hee is verbied om te oefen ná uitgelekte teksboodskappe

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Seoel, Suid-Korea Suid-Koreaanse kortbaan-spoedskaatser Shim Suk-hee, wat die middelpunt van openbare sentiment was vir die onthulling van fisieke en seksuele mishandeling deur haar voormalige afrigter, is uit die nasionale span ov...

Putin says Russia needs to speed up vaccination for Covid-19

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Moscow Russia must accelerate Covid-19 vaccinations, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated on Tuesday as the country recorded its highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic. Addressing newly ele...

5 alternative energy sources to speed our transition away from fossil fuels

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As climate change fuels more extreme weather events, and environmental disasters like last weekend's oil spill threaten wildlife and human health, more people are banking on clean, carbon-free energy to speed the wo...

Yankees’ Gio Urshela runs full speed to catch foul ball, dives into Rays dugout: ‘Very Jeter like

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The Yankees had the shift on for Rays batter Austin Meadows in the top of the sixth inning. Meadows popped the ball up in foul territory. Urshela and catcher Gary Sanchez gave chase. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTS COVERA ...

Chicago man fed up with speed bump behind home, takes pickax to it and faces $500 fyn

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Nicolas Benitez complained to his alderman's office and then took a pickax to the asphalt speed bump behind his garage in his Brighton Park home, an action some frustrated residents may look at as heroic, the Chicago...

Asiatiese Amerikaanse wetgewers wil hê dat DOJ die optrede teen haatmisdaad bespoedig

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Twee demokratiese wetgewers doen 'n beroep op die departement van justisie om vinnig 'n federale wet in werking te stel wat daarop gemik is om die toename in anti-Asiatiese haatmisdade tydens die koronaviruspandemie teen te werk. In 'n brief aan prokureur genl..

Paris slams on the brakes and sets 30km/h speed limit to cut emissions

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Paris Authorities in the French capital of Paris are forcing drivers to slow down, setting a speed limit on almost all the city's roads, in a bid to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. But will it work? T ...

Pentagon may ask Biden to stay in Afghanistan past Aug 31, but won’t retake Bagram to speed evacuations

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The comments from Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby came as the crisis in Afghanistan continues one week after the Taliban toppled the country's U.S.-backed government. Die VSA. militêre, volgens die Pentagon, h ...

Biden administration announces rule to speed up asylum processing as part of border strategy

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Die reël, announced by both the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, would allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials at the border to decide asylum claims -- initially bypassing ...

Bere’ Justin Fields says game speed was ‘slow to mefollowing NFL debut

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Velde, die Nee. 11 kies in die 2021 NFL-konsep, shined for the Bears during the team’s first preseason game. He completed 14 van 20 slaag vir 142 yards with two touchdowns in Chicago’s 20-13 victory over the Miami Dol...

Homan: Biden admin’s answer to border crisis is to speed up processing and release of migrants

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BORDER CRISIS SHOWS NO SIGN OF SLOWING AS MIGRANTS POUR IN; FORMER OFFICIALS SLAM ‘NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT' TOM HOMAN: They are continuing to manage the optics of this crisis rather than managing the crisis. Kyk, die...

5-minute tech fix: Finally speed up your PC

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If your computer is on its last legs, there's not a ton you can do aside from buy a new one. Not sure where to start? I can help. My team and I created a laptop quiz to help you find the right model for you. Tap or c...

Kathy Giusti: Warp Speed to cancer cures – COVID vaccine should be our model to save more lives

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We’ve seen how government subsidies and supports for the manufacturing process can speed distribution exponentially. And we’ve seen that when the government makes a life-saving treatment free for all who need it, you...

John Kerry’s ‘full speedmission to restore American leadership on the climate crisis

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This is how badly John Kerry wants to persuade the world to limit the damaging effects of climate change: Op Woensdag, Maart 31, the former senator, Democratic presidential nominee and secretary of state flew to th...

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