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Dead sperm whale washes ashore in Philippines, latest in string of deaths

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A dead sperm whale has washed ashore in the Philippines, the latest in a string of whale deaths that has experts concerned. Two fishermen spotted the 60-foot (18-metro) carcass on a beach in the Davao region early o...

Cori Bush asks Joy Reid why there isn’t ‘sperm regulation legislationto control men’s bodies

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Host Joy Reid brought the congresswoman onto her show to discuss Republicans’ plot to control women’s bodies across the nation. Reid began the segment remarking on "the idea that people like [Republican senators] Ron...

Louisiana teacher pleads guilty to lacing student’s cupcakes with ex-husband’s sperm, other child sex crimes

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Cynthia Perkins, 36, agreed to plead guilty and testify against her ex, 44-year-old former Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT member Dennis Perkins, who is also charged with dozens of child sex crimes, según...

Men concerned about fertility should limit cell phone use to protect sperm quality, estudio dice

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​​"Male cell-phone users should strive to reduce mobile phone use to protect their sperm quality," said Yun Hak Kim, lead researcher and an assistant professor at Pusan National University. Man traveling b...

Jordan bows to Palestinian pressure and pulls ‘sperm smuggling’ película

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Jerusalem Jordan has withdrawn its entry to the Oscars after criticism that the film "Amira" was disrespectful to Palestinian prisoners and their families. The film tells the fictional story of a 17-year-old Palesti...

Oldest animal sperm discovered in 100-million-year-old amber

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Scientists have found the oldest sample of animal sperm, concealed in a 100 million-year-old piece of amber. Paleontologists discovered the sample in the reproductive tract of an ancient female crustacean encased i...