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Aly & AJ spice up classic hit ‘Potential Breakup Song

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Musical duo Aly & AJ have spiced up their 2007 getref "Potential Breakup Song." In the updated version, released Tuesday, the pair, whose full names are Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, add an explicit twist to the pr...

Coronavirus cancels pumpkin spice at this restaurant chain

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It seems even pumpkin spice isn't safe from the coronavirus. The restaurant chain Einstein Bros. Bagels is the latest victim of the pandemic. This fall, they will not be offering any pumpkin spice seasonal items. ...

Cow named after Posh Spice breaks world sales record

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London A pedigree heifer from Shropshire named after Posh Spice has been sold at auction for over $ 360,000 (£262,000,) breaking the world record for the prized Limousin breed. The fourteen-month-old Wilodge Poshsp...