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La invasión se ha apoderado de. Triunfo

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La invasión se ha apoderado de. La invasión se ha apoderado de.

‘Severanceputs a creepy sci-fi spin on the idea of work-life balance

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The best kind of science fiction sometimes feels set about 10 minutes in the future, and so it is with "Ruptura," an extremely creepy, slow-moving but instantly engrossing Apple TV+ series. Produced by Ben Stiller...

Santos’ Dennis Allen foreshadows continuity, but with his own spin

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Allen's first head coaching job with the Oakland Raiders nearly a decade ago taught him he has more pressing matters to attend to than how he measures up to Sean Payton, who stepped down two weeks ago as the Saints' ...

Watch the moment a MSNBC anchor repeated an Andrew Cuomo adviser’s ‘spin’ sobre acusaciones de acoso

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According to documents released by New York state investigators, Smith texted a group of Cuomo aides on March 3, "I'm texting w/ Katy Tur … Katy is saying my spin live … Like verbatim on cnn [sic]." Cuomo's communica...

This spin on classic shrimp and grits is a quick, ‘extra cozy’ comida: Prueba la receta

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3-INGREDIENT SAUSAGE DIP IS THE EASY, DELICIOUS APP YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED As Hartley notes, with protein, starch, and produce, this recipe makes a nice one-dish meal, but you can feel free to add garlic bread for...

Biden’s spin on top generalsAfghanistan input ‘goes well beyond frustration,’ veteran in Congress says

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Mast's remarks were in response to testimony from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, command of U.S. Central Command, before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Both sa...

'El cinco': Democrats unable to spin ‘defund the police’; Can’t ‘play race cardor use Trump ‘crutch

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los "Defund" movement blew up in Democrats faces over time, as cities like Portland, Ore., Filadelfia, Oakland, Nueva York, Atlanta and Chicago have seen spikes in violent crime rates, host Greg Gutfeld noted; playin...

Cole’s strikeouts, spin rate down, Royals rally past Yanks

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"Certainly I didn't walk past him or be oblivious to the check the first couple times when there was inevitably no check," él dijo. "Asi que, Si, I thought about it a few times." Cole's explosive fastball was missing an...

Joe Jonas crashed a Jonas Brothers-themed spin class

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Joe Jonas surprised a SoulCycle class that was playing his music while he was in Atlanta. The singer was visiting the city on business and had a free afternoon, so he checked out local exercise classes. He happened...

Sticky situation? Cole says spin rate drop due to mechanics

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"I attribute it to just not being as good or as sharp as I wanted to be. It’s as simple as that," Cole said Tuesday before the Yankees began a three-game series at Minnesota. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . T ...

New York Times puts a positive spin on Biden’s short temper: ‘Unintentionally hilarious propaganda

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After interviewing "more than two dozen current and former Biden associates," the Times found that while Biden has the tendency to "snap," él es "deliberative" and detailed, and he "never erupts into fits of rage the...

Pete Hegseth critica "desastroso"’ Informe de empleos mientras Biden intenta girar

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HEGSETH: Esta funcionando! El lo dijo. Pero es tan? Joe Biden se despertó hoy de su siesta de media mañana para poder leer un teleprompter con una fuente realmente grande.. Se suponía que la fuente tenía un número de 7 cifras., ...

'Verano cruel’ offers a time-twisting spin on a teen-soap mystery

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"Verano cruel" is set in the 1990s and shares its name with a Bananarama song from the '80s, but its bingeable qualities make it nicely suited to the 2020s. How well that will translate to Freeform, the Disney-owned...

Washington Post fact-checker calls out Biden admin for trying to ‘spinrefugee cap reversal as ‘confusion

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The White House on Friday said that President Biden is expected to increase the refugee cap for this fiscal year, just hours after he signed an order that kept it at Trump-era levels and infuriated congressional Demo...

One client in one spin studio that followed all the rules triggers a coronavirus outbreak with at least 61 casos

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A spin studio that public health officials say followed all Covid-19 protocols is now reporting 61 positive cases of Covid-19, and as many as 100 personal, clients and family members may have been exposed. SPINCO, en ...

Trump puts his own spin on his health as doctors reveal little

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Washington President Donald Trump is spinning up his own claims about his health, including that he is no longer contagious with coronavirus, filling up the information void left by his doctors' lack of public candor...

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