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HHS official overseeing unaccompanied minors program to step down, il portavoce dice

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The head of the federal agency charged with the care of unaccompanied migrant children is stepping down, according to a Health and Human Services Department spokesperson. Cindy Huang, who helmed the Office of Refug...

New York City Mayor Eric Adams tests positive for Covid-19, il portavoce dice

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday, according to a statement from a spokesperson. "Questa mattina, Mayor Adams woke up with a raspy voice and, out of an abundance of caution, took a...

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne departing this month, Adrienne Watson to replace her

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Washington, DC Emily Horne, the spokesperson for the National Security Council, will depart her position on March 25, ha detto un funzionario della Casa Bianca, and will be replaced at that time by Adrienne Watson, a longtime Demo...

MacCallum presses Pentagon spokesperson on Biden’s comments, potential troop movement

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Kirby, told Fox News on Monday that the current troops are part of what would be the U.S.' contribution to NATO, and that they would not be sent directly into Ukraine but instead to any number of neighboring countrie...

Symone Sanders, Harris’ chief spokesperson, to leave White House

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Symone Sanders, Vice President Kamala Harris' chief spokesperson and senior adviser, is leaving the Biden administration at the end of the year, according to a source familiar with the decision. "Symone has served h...

McAuliffe spokesperson, who also worked for Harris and Biden campaigns, accused of racist tweets

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"#TweetLikeAGuy going out with da nigguhs," a tweet posted in 2012 from Renzo Olivari, a McAuliffe spokesperson, disse. YOUNGKIN AIDE ACCUSES MCAULIFFE TEAM OF DRESSING UP FAKE YOUNGKIN BACKERS IN RACIST 'UNITE THE RI...

La regina Elisabetta II ha visitato un ospedale mercoledì per "indagini preliminari",’ dice il portavoce del palazzo

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La regina Elisabetta II di Londra si è recata in ospedale mercoledì pomeriggio per "alcune indagini preliminari," un portavoce di Buckingham Palace ha detto in una dichiarazione rilasciata giovedì. Da allora è tornata a Windsor Cas...

Il presidente Clinton dovrebbe essere dimesso domenica, il portavoce dice

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L'ex presidente Bill Clinton rimarrà all'Università della California Irvine Medical Center di Orange, California, per almeno un'altra notte, e dovrebbe essere dimesso domenica, il suo portavoce Angel Ureña s...

Bill Cosby thinks R. Kelly ‘got railroaded’ at sex trafficking trial, says spokesperson

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Cosby believes the pervy singer "was screwed" e quello "he wasn’t going to catch a break" during the month-long trial, according to his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt. Wyatt shared Cosby’s thoughts in a Tuesday night interv...