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‘Avatarreclaims top spot as highest-grossing film after China re-release

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(CNN Besigheid)More than a decade on from its release, "Avatar" is once again the highest-grossing film of all time -- after reclaiming the coveted title from Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame". James Cameron's 2009 scienc...

NASA named the Perseverance rover’s landing spot for Octavia E. dienskneg, the pioneering Black science-fiction author

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Though they starred aliens, vampires and time travelers, Octavia E. Butler's celebrated science-fiction novels were often grounded on Earth. Her name and enduring legacy, wel, have made it as far as the Red Plane...

The blind spot in the immigration debate

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The change in immigration policy that could most affect the US' long-term economic growth is at risk of falling out of the debate as the congressional maneuvering over the volatile issue intensifies. With Republica...

Swimming: Ikee books Olympic qualifiers spot after leukaemia treatment

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Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee will compete in Olympic qualifiers in April after clinching a podium finish in her first 100 metres butterfly event since being treated for leukaemia. Ikee, who was diagnosed in February ...

Beswaar teen die verkiesingskollege dien as nog 'n voorbeeld van Trump wat Loeffler en Perdue op die regte plek plaas

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Republikeinse Sens. David Perdue en Kelly Loeffler het die hele afloop van die Senaat van Georgië deurgebring om so na as moontlik aan Donald Trump te hardloop, en terselfdertyd 'n volledige aanvaarding van Trump se ongegronde konsep te vermy..

Trump’s inaction on stimulus bill leaves Georgia’s GOP runoff candidates in awkward spot

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President Donald Trump's waffling over the $ 900 billion Covid relief package, which he has yet to sign, is leaving his fellow Republicans in Georgia in a tough spot as they fight to maintain control of the US Sena...

Die staat Ohio verower Big Ten titel as Texas A&M maak finale saak vir College Football Playoff-plek

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Na 'n gereelde seisoen vol stop, begin en verskeie skedules verander, die College Football Playoff-prentjie kom in fokus. Saterdag word die konferensie-kampioenskedule afgesluit -- in addition to o...

Attorney general remains key spot to fill in Biden Cabinet, with Doug Jones seen as a leading contender

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As President-elect Joe Biden formally introduces his defense secretary nominee Wednesday, the role of attorney general remains the biggest outstanding position in the Cabinet yet to be named. Three leading contender...

Dan Levy lands a spot in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue

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Dan Levy is officially sexy. Die "Schitt's Creek" star landed a spot in this year's People Sexiest Man Alive issue, telling the magazine "This form of sexy is a niche market." He also talks all things quarantine and...

Hurricane Sally lands on the same spot as Alabama’s last hurricane 16 jare terug

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Hurricane Sally made landfall Wednesday morning, presies 16 years to the day and almost to the hour when Hurricane Ivan made landfall in 2004. More interestingly, they not only share a landfall date, but also the e...

Ireland’s lacrosse team gives its spot in an international tournament to a Native American team

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In a remarkable show of sportsmanship, Ireland's lacrosse team is withdrawing from an international tournament to allow a Native American team to play instead. The team withdrew from The World Games 2022 and the Iro...