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As last courageous journalists leave Mariupol, a fading spotlight on war crimes

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It is a harrowing tale that dramatizes not just the bravery of these and other journalists but also how crucial a role they have played in documenting the Kremlin atrocities that have appalled the civilized world. 'N ...

Tom Hanks’ seun, Chet Hanks, reveals ‘truthabout growing up in spotlight: ‘A double-edged sword

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The 31-year-old posted a 13-minute video to his new YouTube channel in which he gets vulnerable about growing up "bevoorreg" and being judged as "bedorwe" due to his father and mother Rita Wilson's fame. "There's a ...

Conservative watchdog calls on NBC to put a spotlight on China’s human rights abuses during Olympic coverage

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"NBC News and NBC Sports have an obligation to provide full context during the Winter Olympics precisely because ignoring these events will play into China's hands, and once again allow the Olympics to be used as a p...

Harmony Montgomery-saak skyn die kollig op die behoefte aan meer maatskaplike werkers in polisiedepartemente, sê die polisie

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Kort nadat plaaslike polisie betrokke geraak het, hulle het 'n volskaalse ondersoek na vermiste persoon geopen en gesê hulle het ontdek dat Harmony sedertdien nie in ag geneem is nie. 2019. hulle het 'n volskaalse ondersoek na vermiste persoon geopen en gesê hulle het ontdek dat Harmony sedertdien nie in ag geneem is nie. ...

FOX News Media Kollig-toekenningswenners erken spanlede wat bo en behalwe in gegaan het 2021

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Die FOX News Media Kollig-toekennings laat leierskap toe om erkenning te gee aan buitengewone werknemers wat bo en behalwe gaan, binne en buite die werkplek. Die geleentheid sal 'n jaarlikse tradisie vir FOX News Media wees, en bestuur...

The Heisman Trophy winner awaits the nation’s spotlight Saturday night

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College football's most prestigious honor will be awarded on Saturday night in New York City. Any name other than Bryce Young's being declared as the winner of the Heisman Memorial Trophy would be a huge upset. Die ...

Defenses in spotlight for Oklahoma St-Baylor Big 12 stem ooreen

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Hierdie keer, it’s more about old-school, hard-nosed defense. Fifth-ranked Oklahoma State (11-1, 8-1 Groot 12, No.5 CFP) and ninth-ranked Baylor (10-2, 7-2, Geen. 9 CFP) take game-changing units into Saturday’s title matchu...

'Almal het siek geword van my': Jennifer Lawrence oor hoekom sy van die kollig weggestap het

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Jennifer Lawrence het onthul dat sy is "senuweeagtig" oor die terugkeer na die kollig nadat sy 'n tree terug gegee het toe sy gevoel het "almal het siek geword vir my." Die Oscar-wenner het met die tydskrif Vanity Fair gepraat vir sy ...

Jong kampvegters gryp die kollig by COP26 terwyl Greta Thunberg betogings buite klimaatsberaad lei

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Glasgow Jong klimaataktiviste het in Glasgow ingestroom en die terrein van die COP26-beraad omring om optrede van wêreldleiers te eis, terwyl die fokus van die geleentheid na die impak van klimaatsverandering op die toekoms draai..

Latinos tend to put Whiteness in the spotlight and it’s hurting them, writers argue in new anthology

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Saraciea J. Fennell remembers how normal it seemed for her, her siblings and cousins, to use bleaching cream on their elbows and knees every day growing up. As dark-skinned Latinos, that's what they had been taught ...

Ravens’ record-setting Tucker embraces the spotlight

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"You’ve never seen a kicker make so much noise in a team room," said defensive lineman Calais Campbell, Tucker's teammate with the Baltimore Ravens. "In the meetings, usually they try to be seen, not heard in that en...

NBC’s Chuck Todd suggests Trump is to blame for the media not putting a ‘spotlighton Dem ‘problems

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Verskyn op "Sunday Today," Todd and host Willie Geist discussed the GOP-led election audit in Arizona which reaffirmed President Biden's victory and Trump's ongoing control over the Republican Party. "What is he d...

Arch Manning has ‘so much pressure and so many expectations’ amid national spotlight, uncle Eli says

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Two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning made an appearance on "Die Pat McAfee Show" and talked about how he’s giving advice to Arch, who is starring at Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. CLICK HERE FOR...

Ugás seizes late-career spotlight, takes a shot at Pacquiao

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He wanted to be in a boxing ring with somebody like Manny Pacquiao under the Vegas spotlight, fighting for a championship belt in front of the whole world. Ugás wanted this future so badly that he attempted to defect...

Nuweling Rep. Cori Bush in national spotlight for her activism to fight eviction

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Freshman Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has captured national attention for her high-profile activism after she slept on the steps of the US Capitol for several days to protest a lapse in the federal eviction moratorium ...

Spotlight on Hurricanes, Avalanche with free agency looming

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"Ek weet nie," Colorado's general manager said. "We’re hopeful we can come to terms, ook, and have them signed and to be part of us." Now that the NHL draft is over, the Avalanche situation is one of many with m...

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