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Joro spider could spread across East Coast, sê navorsers

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The newly invasive spider from East Asia is yellow, blue-black and red, and its thick golden web was spotted on power lines, porches and vegetable patches across Georgia and South Carolina in 2021. WORLD'S MOST VENO...

How to spread Valentine’s Day love to veterans and deployed service members

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If you don’t happen to know a veteran or anyone who’s currently serving in the armed forces, there are Valentine’s Day card drives that are being hosted by several nonprofit organizations throughout the country. US N...

Regse 'disinfo' versprei op Spaanse media Washington Post kolom waarsku: Vet 'Abuela' se fopnuus

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Aan die begin van haar rubriek, het die skrywer geskryf, "'n Epidemie van Spaanstalige regse disinformasie wat rondom die 2020 verkiesing op sosiale media-platforms, en in sommige grootstad AM-radiostasies, is ds...

Air quality concerns arise as New Mexico wildfires spread

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Residents in New Mexico are being urged to be mindful of air quality safety because of the spread of wildfires throughout the state. There are five large wildfires burning in New Mexico, which have resulted in evac...

More companies look to ventilation systems to control the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses

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Americans are abandoning their masks. They're done with physical distancing. En, let's face it, some people are just never going to get vaccinated. Yet a lot can still be done to prevent covid infections and curb t...

Sneeu, cold weather forecast to spread across US

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DORPE IN IOWA LYK OM TE HERSTEL NADAT TORNADO TEN MINSTE DOOD IS 7, SKADE VERBY 50 HOMES Heavy rain and scattered thunderstorms will move into the South and mid-Atlantic while some wintry weather makes its way up into the...

Hijab protests spread in India as girls refuse to be told what not to wear

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A burqa-wearing college student has become a symbol of resistance in India's Karnataka state, where religious tensions are rising over the right to wear religious clothing to school. Muskan Khan was attempting to ha...

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Cold temperatures, snow to spread across US

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A cold surge plunging southward from Canada is dropping temperatures and setting the stage for measurable snow this week. Die nasionale voorspelling vir Maandag, April 19. (Fox News)

An oil leak off the coast of Louisiana spread for miles and no one knows who is responsible

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When Talos Energy was notified of an oil spill off the Louisiana coast after Hurricane Ida, het die maatskappy gesê, it sent a response team to the site. Divers found the leaking pipe in Bay Marchand on Sunday, and on Mon...

Some China areas extend their lockdowns and testing amid COVID-19 omicron variant spread

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The Chinese government reported approximately 390 daily infections over the span of 7 days ending on Sunday, according to Reuters calculations using official data on Monday. These new numbers showed a jump in the num...

Strale, Yankees om speletjiedekking te gebruik om bewustheid oor 'geweergeweld' te versprei’

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The Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees have partnered to use their home broadcasts for tonight’s contest to spread awareness on gun violence. It's just the latest black square trend that likely won't accomplish anyt...

Feitekontrole: Anti-Biden-kommentators versprei valse bewering dat hy 'n Erepenning 'agteruit' aangebring het’

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Washington 'n Valse bewering dat president Joe Biden 'n erepenning geplaas het "agteruit" om die nek van 'n Viëtnam-oorlog-held het virale gegaan op sosiale media -- met sommige konserwatiewes wat die uitgevinde verhaal as veronderstelling aanhaal..

Coronavirus can spread more than 6 feet in certain conditions, CDC warns

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In an update posted Friday, the CDC on its page entitled "Scientific Brief: SARS-CoV-2 Transmission" warned of "repeatedly documented" instances of the novel virus spreading through the air to people more than six fe...

Surgical masks reduce COVID-19 spread: studeer

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Die studeerkamer, led by researchers at Stanford Medicine and Yale University, was a large-scale, randomized trial using 350,000 people from 600 villages in rural Bangladesh. Those living in villages were randomly assigned ...

Fauci warns Americans could face more lockdowns amid spread of new COVID-19 variant

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Fauci, who also serves as an adviser to President Biden, said the BA.2 subvariant could soon increase the rate of infections in America. He suggested that Americans should "be able to pivot" back and forth between a ...

Physician warns Tokyo Olympics could spread variants

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Dr. Naoto Ueyama, chairman of the Japan Doctors Union, said the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government had underestimated the risks of bringing 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes into the cou...

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