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George Soros throws $1M behind Stacey Abramssecond gubernatorial run

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Soros' Democracy PAC II, a federal committee bankrolled by $ 125 million from the financier for the 2022 verkiesings, made a $ 1 million donation to One Georgia Inc. op Maart 11, Federal Election Commission records s...

Stacey Abrams loses bid to use same Georgia fundraising law that benefits Gov. Brian Kemp

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A federal judge ruled Thursday that a fundraising committee associated with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams' campaign cannot begin raising unlimited campaign contributions. Abrams and One Georgia, t ...

Will Cain responds to Stacey Abrams‘absurdUkraine comparison

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LEEF OPDATE: RUSSIAN ATTACKS TARGET NUCLEAR FACILITY WILL CAIN: I guess the best way to characterize people who do this is to say they are largely on the left with the Democratic Party developing verbal tics that th...

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Jesse Watters: There is no bigger hypocrite than Stacey Abrams

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"There is no bigger hypocrite than masquerade Stacey Abrams, who writes erotic novels and gets all-star games canceled in her free time," het hy gesê "Jesse Watters Primetime." Watters was referring to a recent photo ...

Gingrich on Stacey Abrams, Canadian truckers: People are realizing it’s all baloney

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CANADIAN TRUCKER ON 'AMERICA'S NEWSROOM': WE'RE NOT GIVING IN UNTIL MANDATES ARE GONE NEWT GINGRICH: It’s finally hit people: this stuff is all baloney. It’s all about a power struggle and nothing to do with public h...

Stacey Abrams comes under fire for not wearing a mask in now-deleted photos with masked schoolchildren

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A since-deleted tweet featuring photos of a mask-less Stacey Abrams posing among masked schoolchildren has prompted swift backlash from political opponents who chastised the Georgia Democrat for what they describe a...

Stacey Abrams campaign blasts ‘manufactured narrativesover Biden speech absence

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In sy toespraak, Biden pushed for Democrats voting rights legislation and suggested opponents of the legislation were on the side of historical figures like segregationist Gov. George Wallace and Confederate President ...

Biden tells reporter he’s ‘insultedat idea he felt burned by Stacey Abrams skipping GA voting speech

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"Any thoughts on Stacey Abrams skipping your speech today, meneer? Are you insulted she's skipping your speech?" a reporter asked at the White House ahead of Biden traveling to Atlanta. "I'm insulted you asked the quest...

Politieke spotprent van die dag: Stacey Abrams ry weer

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NUUTJy kan nou na Fox News-artikels luister!

David Perdue on Georgia governor bid: I got in to ‘stop’ Stacey Abrams

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Perdue, who was almost immediately endorsed by former President Donald Trump, becomes the second top-name Republican to oppose Kemp in the primary race, after former State Rep. Vernon Jones – who switched parties in ...

Ingraham: Stacey Abrams ry weer, but Georgia should laugh back

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Ingraham noted that Abrams on Friday said that she "on the 16th of November [2018], when I acknowledged I would not become governor… did not challenge the outcome of the election unlike some recent folks did." Howeve...

Candace Owens verskeur Stacey Abrams as korrup en verbind

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CANDACE OWENS: "Ja, sy voel wel geregtig, Ek dink dat sy een van daardie mense is wat jy kan sê is getrou aan haar siel, ’n Black Lives Matter-aktivis, en ek bedoel dit nie op 'n goeie manier nie. Ek praat van, jy weet...

Stacey Abrams beweer sy het nie 'uitgedaag nie’ 2018 Georgia goewerneursverkiesingsuitslae

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Tydens 'n verskyning op MSNBC's "Die Rachel Maddow Show," Abrams het gesê dat op Nov. 16, 10 dae na daardie jaar se verkiesing, sy "erken" sy sou nie Georgië se volgende goewerneur wees nie en dat Kemp die verkiesing gewen het..

Stacey Abrams announces she’s running for governor in Georgia

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Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams announced on Wednesday that she is running for governor, setting up a possible rematch with Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp in what could become one of the most closely watched races in th...

Burt Jones: Atlanta Braves lewer poëtiese geregtigheid aan Stacey Abrams en Demokrate

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Die verenigende krag wat sport na 'n gemeenskap bring, is ongeëwenaard - om mense van alle agtergronde in te bring. Dit is hierdie gedeel, gemeenskaplike band wat gevier en omhels moet word. CHAMPION BRAVES PLAN 2-DEEL PARADE CELE...

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