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Non aspettarti stadi sportivi pieni almeno fino alla fine dell'estate, Dott. Dice Fauci

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Gli stadi sportivi senza restrizioni sul numero di tifosi possono partecipare saranno uno di questi "le ultime cose che vedrai" nella pandemia, Dott. Anthony Fauci ha detto lunedì a Yahoo Sports. "Vaccineremo il ...

How empty stadiums proved useful during the Covid-19 pandemic

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A marzo 11, sports in the United States came to terms with the arrival of the coronavirus. An NBA player tested positive shortly before tipoff in Oklahoma City, forcing the game's cancellation. Within days, every ...

Company hiring ‘MLB Food Testerto eat hot dogs at stadiums

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Casino review site BonusFinder launched a new contest earlier this week to find an "MLB Professional Food Tester." The winner will be given $ 500, as well as a budget for food and travel, according to the contest pa...