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How Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin set the stage for Kamala Harris

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Thomas Balcerski gee geskiedenis aan die Eastern Connecticut State University. Hy is die outeur van "Boesemvriende: Die intieme wêreld van James Buchanan en William Rufus King" (Oxford University Press). Hy twiet @tbalcer ...

Lt. Genl. Keith Kellogg: Helping Ukraine win is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reset the world stage

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HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, 96, IS KILLED IN UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATES GEN. KEITH KELLOGG: This should not be about NATO unity, while that's important, this is all about Ukraine and Ukraine is winning the fight today. The Russia...

James Michael Tyler, who starred as Gunther in ‘Friends,’ says he has stage 4 prostate cancer

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"Vriende" star James Michael Tyler has revealed he is battling stage 4 prostate cancer. The 59-year-old actor, who is best known for playing Gunther -- the Central Perk manager and Rachel's admirer -- on the hit '...

Tucker: Ukraine war is maybe the inevitable end stage of Russiagate

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This wasn't actually a race. In werklikheid, come November 8th, you'll remember this. Donald Trump was going to be drowned by a towering blue tsunami and swept away forever, along with the rest of the Republican Party — the...

Alex Jones allegedly threatened to throw Trump rally organizer off a stage

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Police in Washington, DC, are investigating an allegation that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones threatened to push a pro-Trump political organizer off of an event stage in December, according to people familiar with t...

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Georgia takes center stage as Biden’s visit kicks off year of political battles

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Georgia has become the center of the political landscape -- and it's likely to stay there for the remainder of 2022. President Joe Biden traveled there Tuesday to kick off a push for voting rights legislation. With...

Steph Curry makes history as Warriors stage late comeback to beat the Grizzlies

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Steph Curry became the first player in NBA history to make 500 career playoff threes as he poured in 32 points to go along with eight assists to help the Golden State Warriors defeat the Memphis Grizzlies 101-98 aan ...

Hannity: Biden is portraying weakness on the world stage

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While discussing the president's chaotic policy executions, Hannity cited a Trafalgar Group and Convention of States poll which he introduced earlier in the week that asserted many Americans do not believe Biden is i...

Olimpiese Spele in Tokio 2021: Alex Morgan’s goal reversed as US narrowly makes knockout stage

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Die VSA. got the fourth point and had a better goal differential than Australia to secure a spot in the knockout stage. The Americans beat New Zealand, 6-1, last week and lost to Sweden, 3-0. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPOR ...

Israel is winning on the world stage, but losing the plot at home

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Jerusalem Last week's signing ceremony on the south lawn of the White House, as Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain normalized relations, was the celebration Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted -- en ...

‘Sarah Cooper: Alles is fyn’ gee die Trump-satirikus 'n groter verhoog op Netflix

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Sarah Cooper se parodie op president Trump het haar in 'n sosiale media-sensasie verander, 'n promosiegeleentheid wat geen voor die hand liggende manier bied om dit in 'n meer uitgebreide weergawe te vertaal nie. Gelukkig, haar ...

Alvin Ing, stage and screen star, dood by 89

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Ing died Saturday at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, in Burbank, Kalifornië, of COVID-19 complications, according to his representatives at Mosaic PR. "His voice was glorious and filled the room with its flawle...

Hannity slams Biden for weakness on world stage: ‘America’s enemies are taking note’

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HANNITEIT: Joe Biden is projecting weakness on the world stage, frankly it's an embarrassment. And America's enemies, they are taking note tonight. From cyberattacks to proxy wars. You have an alliance that has emerged...

Hoe Biden beplan om Trump se 'America First' ongedaan te maak’ buitelandse beleid en keer die VSA terug na die wêreldfase

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Washington Na vier jaar van normbuiging, verdragsontwrigtende en alliansie-skuddende buitelandse beleid van die Trump-regering, Demokratiese presidentskandidaat Joe Biden beloof om die VSA terug te keer na sy meer ...

Rickie Fowler returns to big stage and takes lead in Vegas

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Fowler hasn't had an opportunity this good since his last victory on the PGA Tour in the 2019 Waste Management Phoenix Open, and it doesn't figure to be easy at The Summit Club with all the low scores it has been yie...

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