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Tulsa man allegedly attempted to kidnap woman after stalking her, leaving candy at her door

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Suspect Justin Arthur-Ray Davis knew the victim from work. Tulsa police said that Davis resigned from his job before he started stalking the suspect. The victim also reported him hanging around outside her apartment ...

'Il flash

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'Il flash, Florida, 'Il flash. Suo padre, 'Il flash, 'Il flash.

Police arrest man suspected of stalking, killing homeless in NYC, DC

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Police in the two cities earlier released multiple surveillance photographs, including a close-up snapshot clearly showing the man's face, and urged people who might know him to come forward.NYC, DC OFFICIALS PLEAD F...

Philadelphia man accused of raping and stalking multiple women arrested

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Kevin Bennett, 28, was taken into custody around 1:50 p.m. and is currently being held by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, arrest records show. The first rape occurred on May 16 a 5:00 a.m., when Bennet allegedl...

Great white shark stalking the East Coast spotted near New Jersey, Carolinas

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Ironbound, the 12-foot, 4-inch shark weighing nearly 1,000 libbre, made headlines after migrating from the Carolinas up the coast to New Jersey late last month. FLORIDA SHERIFF CAPTURES VIDEO OF SHARK-INFESTED WATERS...

Former ‘Big Brotherwinner Mike Malin found guilty of stalking co-star Will Kirby: rapporto

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The 50-year-old initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested in August of 2019 for stalking his former "Grande Fratello"membro del cast, Dott. Will Kirby, according to court records viewed by Us Weekly on Wednesday. He re...

Chicago: Armed man accused of stalking Lori Lightfoot was allegedly angry over traffic tickets: pubblici ministeri

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Joseph Igartua, 37, was charged with three felony counts of stalking and another for reckless discharge of a firearm after he allegedly drove by the Lightfoots' home about 15 volte quest'anno, according to the Cook Co...

Apple AirTag stalking and tracking by criminals is a problem: here’s how to stop it

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The coat-button-sized AirTag, announced in April of last year, is a Bluetooth tracking device, designed to help you find keys, backpacks, wallets, dispositivi, or any personal item you want to track. It tracks things us...

Anti-abortion activist is charged with stalking a California doctor who provides abortions

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A Los Angeles man is facing multiple charges after prosecutors allege he was part of a group of anti-abortion activists who targeted a women's health clinic and stalked a doctor who provides abortion services, the S...