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St.. Louis man in viral standoff with BLM protesters praises armed Louisville diner: ‘That guy’s a champion’

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"He’s got my tremendous respect," Mark McCloskey told Fox News Wednesday afternoon. "I’ve been saying for 10 months now that that’s what everybody needs to do. They’ve got to stand up for their rights and not get bul...

California sheriff’s deputy killed in standoff that ended with 5 dead identified

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Kern County Sheriff's Deputy Phillip Campas, 35, was shot Sunday outside a home in Wasco, just outside Bakersfield and located 140 myl noord van Los Angeles. Authorities initially responded to the home around 1 12:00 ....

Polisie: Vermeende bende-leier in Baltimore dood na afwesigheid

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Skote is op die VS geskiet. beamptes en polisie toe hulle Gary Creek in hegtenis geneem het by 'n woonstelkompleks in Sandy Springs, Amerikaanse. Frank Lempka, woordvoerder van Marshals Service, aan The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gesê. Polisie betog ...

BelarusKrystsina Tsimanouskaya safe after standoff with officials at airport, Japan says

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Japan was cooperating with other governments to "take appropriate measures," Japanese government spokesperson Katsunobu Katu told reporters. Katu added that Tsimanouskaya was safe and the Foreign Ministry said Japan ...

Australian journalists evacuated from China after five-day diplomatic standoff

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Hongkong / Sydney (CNN Besigheid)Two Australian journalists working in China have left the country after they were questioned by police and forced to seek the protection of their country's government, their news orga...

'N Chinese man met tuisgemaakte bomme wat deur die polisie doodgeskiet is na 'n stilstand van 16 uur

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'N Vermeende dief is Woensdag deur die polisie in sy huis in die suidweste van China doodgeskiet nadat hy herhaaldelik gedreig het om plofstowwe te laat ontplof tydens 'n stilstand van 16 uur. Die 36-jarige man het die inhegtenisneming weerstaan ​​toe hy offisieel was..

Georgia man gewapen met pyl en boog vrou in Atlanta, deur beampte geskiet tydens stilstand: polisie

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Die polisie in Atlanta is kort daarna na die toneel ontbied 6 am. en vind 'n vroulike slagoffer wat berig dat 'n blanke man haar geneem het 2014 Toyota Camry, het die polisie in Atlanta gesê. CHICAGO FOOD DELI ...

MLB game is delayed after an armed standoff outside stadium

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The first pitch of the game between the Kansas City Royals and the Pittsburgh Pirates was delayed 30 minutes after a standoff between police and an armed man at the Truman Sports Complex. The complex in Kansas City,...

Massachusetts police in standoff with armed group that ‘does not recognize our laws

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During a traffic stop early Saturday morning, approximately eight men carrying rifles and handguns fled into the nearby woods off Route 95/128. Police say the men claim to be from a group that "does not recognize our...

South Carolina police K-9 shot during 8-hour SWAT standoff discharged from vet’s office

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K-9 Nikos, with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, and his handler Deputy Ryan Humburg were seen on video leaving the vet on Monday, and the sheriff’s office said the canine will continue his recovery at home. 2...

India to sign defensive agreement with US following Himalayan standoff with China

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Hong Kong The United States and India have reaffirmed their defensive and security relationship, as Washington continues to rally allies in Asia amid concerns over increased Chinese military activity in the region. Ek ...

Massachusetts police standoff with heavily armed men ends in 11 arrestasies

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A standoff overnight between Massachusetts State Police and "several heavily armed men" in the woods ended Saturday morning with 11 people arrested, owerhede gesê. The ordeal, which started during a police traffi...

Protests in Haiti as political standoff continues

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Large crowds of Haitians took to the streets again on Sunday, as a standoff between President Jovenel Moise and the country's opposition movement stretched into its third week. "Those of us fighting, who want anothe...

Group in armed standoff with police say they’re the ‘aboriginal peopleof America

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The heavily armed group posted videos throughout the standoff, claiming to be peaceful and to abide by the "federal laws and judicial opinions" of the United States. Rise of the Moors has a strong online presence, wi ...

Connecticut police in standoff with barricaded gunman, Skote gevuur

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The Branford Police Department said several law enforcement agencies, including SWAT officers, were assisting in the situation near Main Street and Cherry Hill Road. Authorities urged people to avoid the area and to ...

Authorities charge 11 people involved in a standoff with Massachusetts police

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Die 11 men who were arrested in Wakefield, Massachusetts, after an overnight standoff with Massachusetts State Police (MSP) have been charged with at least six offenses. Die verdagtes "refer to themselves as a militi...

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