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‘SNL’ alum Jim Breuer cancels standup shows at venues requiring coronavirus vaccination

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The comedian announced in a Facebook Live video over the weekend that he will not be performing at certain venues that require proof of vaccination for attendees. "Two quick updates on shows that you may think you ...

Louis C.K. avoids masturbation scandal in ‘over-the-topstandup set to kick off comeback tour

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The disgraced comic performed at New York City’s Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on Friday and joked about everything except his masturbation scandal. While the former "Louie" star performed in front of a massi...

Iliza Shlesinger talks uphill battle as female stand-up comic: ‘This career is not promised

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The comedian/actress, 38, penned a script based on her experience dating a man who she later found out lied about everything in his life, including where he went to college, his job, and his mother having cancer. Die...

Eddie Murphy wants to go back to stand-up when the pandemic is over

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After three decades and multiple blockbuster movies, Eddie Murphy is planning a return to the medium that helped launch his acting career. Die "Beverly Hills Cop" star has revealed that he wants to do new stand-up ...