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Jeannie Mai shares health update on ‘Dancing with the Stars

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Jeannie Mai is recovering from emergency surgery after being diagnosed with epiglottitis. "The Real" co-host underwent an operation after her epiglottis blocked the flow of air into her lungs, and was forced to leav...

Jeannie Mai hospitalized, forced to leave ‘Dancing With the Stars

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Jeannie Mai is leaving "Ballando con le stelle" after being hospitalized for a throat condition which affects the lungs. "My doctors discovered a health concern with my throat which requires immediate attention and ...

I democratici si trasformano in stelle’ riunioni mentre fanno affidamento sulla nostalgia per riempire le casse della campagna

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Le Washington Stars di diversi programmi televisivi e film ricordati con affetto si sono riuniti nelle ultime settimane non solo per offrire la controprogrammazione durante i giorni di inattività della pandemia, ma anche per suscitare sostegno a De ...

Sports stars show political power can be built in the paint as well as at the polls

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Questo è stato adattato da ottobre 23 edizione di Meanwhile in America della CNN, l'e-mail quotidiana sulla politica statunitense per i lettori globali. Clicca qui per leggere le edizioni passate e iscriverti. On each side of the Atlantic, a sport...

Derek Hough returns to the floor on ‘Dancing with the Stars

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Derek Hough returned to the floor on Monday's episode of "Ballando con le stelle" to perform a sexy routine with girlfriend Hayley Erbert. The two danced a paso doble to Taalbi Brothers' "Uccen." It was Hough's firs...

Tyra Banks angers ‘Dancing With the Starsaudience with error

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Tyra Banks announced the wrong couple as safe during Monday night's episode of "Ballando con le stelle" and it didn't go over well with some of the audience. During the elimination portion of the show the new host h...

‘Fargostars Chris Rock in a mob tale that rolls along a bit too slowly

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Three years after its last edition, "Fargo" returns with Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman in key against-type roles, and an enticing mob story with the texture of a graphic novel. Yet it unfolds at such a languid, un...

Japan’s hafu stars are celebrated. But some mixed-race people say they feel like foreigners in their own country

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Tokyo "Mi scusi, are you hafu?" the taxi driver asked. Anna, a woman of mixed Japanese and American heritage, was in a taxi en route to a party in Tokyo last year when she was asked that question, and says she had h...

'Ballando con le stelle’ returns to a changed ballroom

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The crowd roared and groaned -- even though there wasn't one -- come "Ballando con le stelle" kicked off its season in rather stumbling fashion, with a new host and a number of changes as the ABC show sought to fit co...

Stokes Twinslawyers say YouTube stars are not guilty of any crimes

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The lawyers for YouTube celebrities the Stokes Twins say their clients, charged with false imprisonment and swatting in Orange County, California, are innocent. Alan and Alex Stokes were charged in August in connec...

Derek Hough che sostituisce Len Goodman come giudice in "Dancing With the Stars"’

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Derek Hough sta tornando a "Ballando con le stelle," ma questa volta, he won't be dancing. La ABC ha annunciato martedì che il sei volte campione di Mirrorball assumerà il ruolo di giudice da Len Goodman. 'Ballando ...

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