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Die diplomasie agter die skerms van die VN-Veiligheidsraad se Myanmar-verklaring

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Veiligheidsraad 101 op Myanmar: Ons kry nie die diplomatieke wors wat gemaak word te sien nie, maar die uitslag Woensdag was 'n voorspelbare kompromie ten spyte van die erns van geweld en terreur in die Suidoos-Asiatiese land se str....

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar release statement after Josh Duggar guilty verdict

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have shared a statement about their son's conviction on child pornography charges. Op Donderdag, Josh Duggar, 33, was found guilty of downloading and possessing child sex abuse images. Hi...

Biden takes questions after G-7 nations issue statement warning Russia, Sjina

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Biden and first lady Jill Biden will then meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. The press conference comes after the leaders of the world’s richest countries have pledged more than 1 billion coronavirus vac...

Awkwafina issues statement addressing accusations that she has used a ‘blaccent

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The comedian and actress Awkwafina issued a lengthy Twitter statement Saturday addressing criticism in the press and on social media that she has used a "blaccent," or Black accent, and elements of African American ...

‘Suicide Squadstar Joel Kinnaman releases statement after filing restraining order against woman

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The 41-year-old "Suicide Squad" star detailed how a model named Bella Davis is trying to extort him for money by claiming to the media that they did not have consensual sex. Kinnaman explained his side of the story ...

CBS blasted for statement defending ’60 Minutesreport on DeSantis: ‘Going to make things worse

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The venerable newsmagazine suggested during Sunday's program that the governor had rewarded Publix with the right to distribute the coronavirus vaccine after the company made a $ 100,000 contribution to his campaign...

Dak Prescott’s girlfriend Natalie Buffett makes bold fashion statement as Cowboys clinch division title

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Natalie Buffett had the message embroidered on the back of her jacket. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys kisses his girlfriend Natalie Buffett before the game agai...

China pushes back against G-7 joint statement, blames ‘sinister intentionsof US, ander

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"We urge the United States and other members of the G-7 to respect the facts, understand the situation, stop slandering China, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, and stop harming China’s interest," a stat...

Immigration agency adds ‘respectand ‘welcometo mission statement after Trump-era controversy

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US Citizenship and Immigration Services changed its mission statement again, four years after the Trump administration removed the phrase "nation of immigrants" from the agency's statement, a move that prompted back...

George Bush, former first lady issue statement on Afghanistan with message to US troops, veterane

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OBAMA-ERA AFGHANISTAN AMBASSADOR HAS ‘GRAVE QUESTIONS’ ABOUT BIDEN’S ‘ABILITY TO LEAD’ US "Many of you deal with wounds of war, both visible and invisible," die verklaring gelees. "And some of your brothers and sisters ...

Women in Matt Gaetz’s office issue anonymous statement of support amid sex allegations

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"After shocking allegations last week in the press, ons, the women of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s office, feel morally obligated to speak out," die verklaring gelees. The women said that amid their many hours with the Flori...

Bob Saget’s family issues statement on his death

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The actor and comedian, who played Danny Tanner in "Voltal" en "Voller Huis," died after being found in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "We are devas...

LEES: Biden and Putin issue joint statement following historic Geneva summit

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US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement following their historic summit on Wednesday. Read the statement below: "Ons, President of the United States of America Joseph R. B..

USCIS declares US a ‘nation of welcomein updated mission statement

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"USCIS upholds America’s promise as a nation of welcome and possibility with fairness, integrity, and respect for all we serve," the new mission statement says. SCOTUS AGREES TO HEAR REPUBLICAN EFFORT TO DEFEND TRUMP...

David Attenborough offers his ‘witness statement,’ and a warning, in ‘A Life on Our Planet

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By 93, Sir David Attenborough has spent a lifetime studying the natural world, and been knighted for his efforts. So when he asks that people heed his "witness statement" about the peril humans collectively face, soos ...

Hierdie Mo Brooks-stelling is alles wat verkeerd is met ons politiek

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'n Man wat beweer hy het 'n bom -- en dit eis "alle Demokrate moet uittree" -- Capitol Hill vir die grootste deel van Donderdag gesluit. Die voorval het kommerverklarings van 'n meerderheid van die Demokrate en Republiek gebring..

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