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Sy. Cotton rips Biden’s UN speech: A lot of the world ‘just laughsat his statements

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BIDEN TELLS UN HE'S NOT SEEKING NEW COLD WAR WITH CHINA SEN. TOM KATOEN: I think a lot of the world sees Joe Biden and just laughs at the statements he made yesterday. You just mentioned or played a clip there, he sa...

All of the political fashion statements at Met Gala

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The gala, which raises money for the museum's Costume Institute, was pushed last year from its traditional May berth and morphed this year into a two-part affair. It coincides with the opening of "In Amerika: A Lexic...

Ilhan Omar slammed by fellow House Dem for ‘outrageous and clearly falsestatements about US, Israel

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Sherman blasted his colleague for a recent tweet in which the congresswoman claimed that America and Israel had committed "unthinkable atrocities" akin to the Taliban and Hamas. ILHAN OMAR SAYS AMERICA, LIKE HAMAS AN...

Meadows skeur wetenskaplikes’ verklarings oor koronavirus oorsprong: Ons is in 'Biden-toesmeermodus'

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WAPO KOLOMNIS ROASTS MEDIA OP COVID-19 LAB TEORIE OOR DIE GESIG: 'ZERO SELF AWARENESS' MARK MADOWS: Wel, regtig wat ons is, is in 'n Biden-toesmeermodus. Hulle gaan nie China verantwoordelik hou nie. Martha en Bill, w ...

Die ATF-benoemde kandidaat het twyfelagtige uitsprake oor onderdrukkers gelewer, outomatiese wapens

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Advokate vir geweerbeheer het die benoeming van Chipman geprys, wat 'n spesiale agent van ATF was vir 25 jare en dien tans as senior beleidsadviseur van die groep Giffords vir die voorkoming van wapengeweld, beklemtoon die betekenis ...

Donald Trump made *7* times more misleading statements than Joe Biden in his first 100 dae

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With Donald Trump's presidency in the rear-view mirror, there's a natural human tendency to sort of forget about what he did to the nation's highest office. Let's look to the future -- and all that. But it's importa...

McCarthy: Maxine Waters ‘finds value in violence’; Democrats must censure or ‘own’ haar, Tlaib’s statements

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McCarthy told host Ben Domenech on "Fox News Primetime" that this is not the first example of Waters, 82, urging unrest to reach political ends. She previously told a crowd in California in 2018 aan "get in the face" ...

Judge rules against DHS in Global Entry case after department admitted to false statements

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A federal judge ruled on Tuesday against the Department of Homeland Security, finding that the department acted unlawfully earlier this year when it banned New York residents from Trusted Traveler Programs like Glob...