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Video shows Florida gas station fire prompted by deputy’s Taser during motorcyclist arrest

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VOLPE 35 Orlando obtained the surveillance footage showing the February incident at a Wawa gas station in Osceola County. Video shows a large fireball erupt from a gas pump and at least one man engulfed in flames is se...

SpaceX to launch NASA’s Crew-4 astronauts to International Space Station

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The SpaceX Crew-4 astronaut mission is scheduled to launch at 3:52 a.m. ET from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It should arrive at the ISS at 8:15 p.m. E. The launch will be carried live on NASA TV. ...

He went missing nearly 3 anni fa. Deputies found him shivering outside a gas station 700 lontano miglia

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Authorities in Summit County, Utah, had been hearing about a young man wandering the area with a shopping cart for several weeks. When they encountered him last Saturday, they discovered he was reported missing near...

Liz Cheney says Russian strike on Ukraine train station that killed civilians ‘clearly is genocide

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Repubblicano. Liz Cheney of Wyoming on Sunday said Russia's missile strike on an eastern Ukraine railway station last week that killed dozens of civilians "clearly is genocide." "I think that Europe needs to under...

Zelenskyy reacts to Ukraine rail station attack: ‘Evil that knows no bounds

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said Russian forces carried out two missile strikes at the train station in Kramatorsk, where an evacuation of civilians was taking place. Images taken in recent days have depicted large...

Almeno 30 killed in train station missile strike in eastern Ukraine as civilians try to flee Russian onslaught

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Talebani vieta la coltivazione della droga, Ukraine At least 30 persone, compresi due bambini, were killed after Russian forces carried out a missile strike on a railway station in eastern Ukraine that was being used by civilians trying to flee the figh...

Footage of Prince as an 11-year-old is unearthed by a Minnesota news station

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A CNN affiliate station in Minneapolis stumbled upon a rare gem -- archival footage of the late, great icon Prince at 11 Anni, supporting public school teachers on strike. Staffers at WCCO were combing through...

Philadelphia man killed in gas station shooting survived gunfire weeks earlier: rapporto

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Law enforcement sources told Fox affiliate WTXF that Anthony Jamir Santangelo, 28, was the man killed late Sunday. Investigators at the scene followed a trail of blood for about a block and found a man with gunshot w...

Ice T jokes he was ‘robbedat New Jersey gas station amid record-breaking prices: ‘My money is gone

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Il "Legge & Ordine: SVU" star poked fun at the alarming increase in gas on Twitter, la scrittura, "I was robbed at a gas station in NJ last night. After my hands stopped trembling..I managed to call the cops and they we...

Russian cosmonauts spark speculation after arriving at International Space Station in Ukraine’s colors

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Washington, DC A trio of Russian cosmonauts arrived Friday at the International Space Station wearing bright yellow flight suits trimmed with blue, raising questions about whether the three were showing solidarity wi...

Quasi 400 "Veniamo per conto nostro", "Veniamo per conto nostro"

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Quasi 400 "Veniamo per conto nostro", "Veniamo per conto nostro". "Veniamo per conto nostro".

Virginia police officer killed in gas station shooting while responding to ‘domestic situation,’ dice la polizia

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Covington Police Officer Caleb Ogilvie, 35, was killed in a shootout with the suspect at the city’s Farm and Fuel gas station and convenience store around 4:30 p.m., Covington Police Chief Christopher Smith said. TWO...

Store manager chases van after thieves steal more than 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel from family-owned gas station

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The manager of a family-owned gas station in Houston, Texas, chased off suspected thieves, who he said had already taken more than a thousand gallons of diesel fuel from the store's underground tanks in separate inc...

Homeless career criminal allegedly threw Seattle woman, 62, down stairs at light rail station

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Alexander Jay, 40, was arrested on March 3, a day after the attack at the Chinatown-International District light rail station at 5th Avenue South and South Jackson Street, Seattle police said in a probable cause stat...

NASA says American aboard International Space Station will come back on Russian rocket ‘for sure

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New York (CNN Business)NASA said Monday that NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei will return from the ISS later this month aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft as previously planned. The space agency sought to reaffirm Monday...

Former CIA station chief on Putin-linked mercenaries hunting Ukraine’s Zelenskyy

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Il "Tempi di Londra" reported February 28 the hit squad known as The Wagner Group has forces on the ground in Ukraine and are searching for the country’s leader, who has thus far dodged three separate assassination ...