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Virginia police retract ‘false’ 2020 tweet about teargassing protesters near Confederate statue

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In 'n reeks twiets, the Richmond Police Department acknowledged the initial June 1, 2020 tweet was "onwaar" and had to be retracted. "There were no RPD officers cut off by violent protesters at the Lee Monument," ...

‘Bewitchedstatue in Salem, Massachusetts targeted by vandalism

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The Salem witch trials may be long over, but at least one witch in Salem, Massachusetts, is still facing attacks. A statue paying tribute to the "Bewitched" TV sitcom in Salem was vandalized on Monday, Volgens...

Vandal targets Margret Thatcher’s statue just hours after unveiling

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"Tear it down!" one man shouted toward the statue Sunday, as others driving past it loudly booed, volgens Sky News. Video filmed in Grantham, Lincolnshire, shows one unidentified man launching eggs at the 20-foo...

Sergio Aguero: Manchester City groot is verewig met standbeeld

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Golwe van ligblou het om die erwe van die Etihad-stadion neergestort terwyl Manchester City-aanhangers op en af ​​bons, in hul delirium in mekaar bots. Oor in Sunderland, Manchester United-aanhangers het dopgehou ...

Maryland removes the state’s last courthouse Confederate statue

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Workers on Monday removed what is thought to be the last public Confederate statue in Maryland other than those on battlefields or in cemeteries. The 13-foot tall copper statue of a boy holding a Confederate flag st...

Baker Mayfield’s statue to be dedicated after Oklahoma spring game

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "I’m a Sooner for life and incredibly grateful for all of the success my teammates and I had at OU," Mayfield said in a statement. "It’s humbling and surreal to think about havin...

Kobe en Gianna Bryant-standbeeld wat by die ongeluksplek geplaas is op 2-jaar herdenking van hul dood

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Kobe en Gianna Bryant-standbeeld wat by die ongeluksplek geplaas is op 2-jaar herdenking van hul dood, Kalifornië, Kobe en Gianna Bryant-standbeeld wat by die ongeluksplek geplaas is op 2-jaar herdenking van hul dood. Kobe en Gianna Bryant-standbeeld wat by die ongeluksplek geplaas is op 2-jaar herdenking van hul dood.

‘Gutfeld!’ on Roosevelt statue removed, ‘woke’ M&Me

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NUUS KANAALHUIS: Clap. Clap you jerks. Clap. Happy Friday, almal. Jesse Watters is here. Geen, geen, geen, don't change it. Don't change it. It's going to be great. Vertrou my. So finally, Justice has ...

Theodore Roosevelt-standbeeld verwyder uit NYC-museum nadat dit kontroversie ontketen het

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'n Standbeeld van die Amerikaanse president Theodore Roosevelt wat amper voor 'n museum in New York gesit het 80 jaar is vandeesweek verwyder ná kritiek oor sy "rasse" beeld. Die beeldhouwerk, wat by die Amerikaanse geleë was ...

Theodore Roosevelt-standbeeld van die voorkant van NYC se Museum of Natural History verwyder

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Die hoofstuk van die Teddy Roosevelt-monument is in die vroeë oggendure van Donderdagoggend met 'n hyskraan weggeneem, net na middernag op Woensdag. Werkers beveilig 'n deel van 'n standbeeld van Theodore Roosevelt, t ...

Anti-regime activists in Iran take credit for torching of Soleimani statue

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The Iranian ISNA news agency carried a statement by officials who said the new statue, in Shahrekord, was set on fire "in a brazen act." The statue had reportedly been unveiled just hours earlier, according to the Ti...

1865 magazine clipping, Bible removed from second time capsule found at former site of Robert E. Lee statue

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A second time capsule that was recently found in the pedestal of Richmond, Virginia's, Robert E. Lee statue was opened Tuesday. Items inside included an 1865 edition of Harper's Weekly magazine with an clear image o...

Second time capsule found at former site of Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond

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A second time capsule was found where the Robert E. Lee statue once stood in Richmond, Virginia, a Virginia Department of Historic Resources spokesperson said Monday. A copper box was found beneath the pedestal, "wees...

1887 time capsule discovered in pedestal of Robert E. Lee statue to be opened

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Historic preservation experts in Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday plan to open the 1887 time capsule that was found in the pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, Goewerneur. Ralph Northam annou...

Vandal caught on camera drawing swastikas on City Hall, Charging Bull statue in NYC

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NYC'S OUTGOING POLICE MISSIONER GIVES SUCCESSOR KEECHANT SEWELL SOME ADVICE: ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’On Dec. 3 rondom 1 nm., the suspect allegedly drew three swastikas on a wall inside a construction site at 10 Maiden L...

Frank Sinatra word op verjaarsdag met bronsbeeld in Hoboken se Sinatra-park vereer

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Sinatra Park in Hoboken, New Jersey, vereer Ol' Blue Eyes met 'n ses voet hoë standbeeld en 'n groot onthulling op Sondag, wat Sinatra se 106de verjaardag sou gewees het. Die komediant en byeenkomsbeampte Joe Piscopo het aan Fox N. gesê..

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