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Ontario issues stay-at-home order to 14 million residents as Covid-19 hospitalizations spike

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The province of Ontario, including Canada's most populous city, Toronto, will be under a stay-at-home order for at least four weeks beginning Thursday as a third wave of the pandemic threatens to overwhelm hospitals...

Quasi 6 milioni di persone devono restare a casa nella Baia di San Francisco

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Sei governi della Bay Area di San Francisco hanno emesso un ordine di soggiorno venerdì prima del mandato statale della California, limitare le attività in uno sforzo drastico per ridurre la diffusione del Covid-19 mentre gli ospedali affrontano un ...

Chicago issues stay-at-home advisory and tells residents to cancel traditional Thanksgiving celebrations

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Thanksgiving typically means two things: lots of food and lots of family time. Ma quest'anno, with Covid-19 numbers soaring, the city of Chicago would prefer if its residents nixed the latter. As cases of Covid-19 c...

University of Michigan students given immediate stay-at-home order amid a spike in Covid-19 cases

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All University of Michigan undergraduate students are now under an emergency stay-in-place order, after data shows that Covid-19 cases among Michigan students represents more than 60% of all local cases. The order c...