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Liz Peek: Biden, Pelosi still catering to progressives even as movement loses steam

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That’s good news for our country. The Speaker continues to insist that Democrats in the House pass the $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and the giant $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution simultaneously, beca...

Brian Laundrie’s lawyer blows off steam after client’s remains are found: ‘I’m upset, I’m angry

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"I’m upset, I’m angry, and for the last four hours I’ve been dealing with — I just have to call it nonsense," Bertolino told NewsNation on Thursday. The attorney, who has represented the Laundries since mid-Septembe...

Ingraham: "Il sogno americano perde vigore"’ sotto Biden mentre il malessere si insinua

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"Questa è la politica economica della sinistra in due frasi: Uno: Gli americani dovrebbero spendere molto meno. Due: Gli Stati Uniti. il governo dovrebbe spendere molto di più," lei disse. Ingraham ha anche avvertito che il democratico moderato Sen. Joe Manch...

Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria dine in Vermont bar closed to public as ‘Rustprobe picks up steam

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Baldwin had an IPA and Hilaria ordered wine. The couple shared a kiss after a long day out with the kids. And they dug into plate after plate. Earlier that evening, a hostess at the front door said the bar area was c...

Migrant numbers picking up steam at the border as Dems push Biden admin to end Title 42 restrizioni

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C'erano 164,973 encounters in February, rispetto a 101,099 encounters in February last year, a month that preceded a massive surge in numbers in the spring and summer months that overwhelmed Border Patrol. In Feb...

Clay Travis: Tampa Bay Bucs lost plenty of steam this offseason

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Even with the Los Angeles Rams’ strong Super Bowl 56 prestazione, the duo of Arians and Brady stood as the only pair capable of challenging Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay. With a slight edge to the GOAT. CLICCA QUI ... designed a bizarre Mercedes-Benz to support STEAM education

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The WILL.I.AMG features an entirely redesigned body with two suicide style doors and a blunt front end inspired by the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, with round headlights and a vertical rectangular grille replacing the ...

Embattled Los Angeles DA George Gascon loses top aide as recall effort gains steam

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Alex Bastian, who stepped into his current role in January 2021 dopo 11 years in San Francisco's DA office, has been named the chief executive and president of the Hotel Council of San Francisco as the city continue...

Minneapolis activistspush to abolish police picks up steam as petition filed

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sì 4 Minneapolis, a coalition of community groups, delivered dozens of boxes containing the 20,000 signatures to amend the Minneapolis charter to officials at City Hall. The coalition's proposed amendment would repl...

Harvard to study pyschedelics and the law as decriminalization gains steam

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The Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation, or POPLAR, is being funded by the Saisei Foundation, a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas, according to a Harvard Law blog post. The research by the Petrie-Flom Center fo...