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Biden touts ‘major breakthroughwith EU to ease Trump-era tariffs on aluminum and steel

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President Joe Biden on Sunday touted a new agreement reached with the European Union to ease Trump-era tariffs on aluminum and steel as a "major breakthrough" that would serve to both strengthen the US steel industr...

Biden administrasie, EU reach agreement to ease Trump tariffs on aluminum and steel

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The Biden administration reached an agreement with the European Union on Saturday to ease Trump-era sanctions on aluminum and steel, officials announced, another step in deescalating tensions with European allies as...

Federal agencies release plans to steel themselves against the climate crisis

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Meer as 20 federal agencies on Thursday released plans to ensure federal facilities and programs are resilient against the climate crisis, including bumping pay to federal firefighters, electrifying vehicle fleets...

Lamar Jackson shows nerves of steel with gutsy, fourth-down call to beat Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

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"Lamar! Do you want to go for this?" Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh could be seen shouting from the sideline. Met net 1:05 left and leading Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs by just a point, R ...

Patrick Cantlay shows nerves of steel to beat Bryson DeChambeau to the BMW Championship

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Patrick Cantlay held his nerve to outlast Bryson DeChambeau to win the BMW Championship in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday. The American made a number of clutch putts in a nail-biting six-hole sudden-death playoff ag...

Army combat veteran who owns steel company asks Biden to bring back ‘Made in America’ vertoonvenster

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Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel Huntsville, Ala., wrote to Biden this week asking him to re-launch the "Gemaak in Amerika" showcase at the White House that celebrated businesses from around the country that manufactu...

Top Republikein van PA roep Biden uit, ‘Elitistiese omgewingsbewustes’ ten minste oor 1,000 verlore staal werk

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Laat verlede maand, Pittsburgh-gebaseerde United States Steel Corp.. het gesê dat dit die projek kanselleer om 'n moderne verbetering aan sy Mon Valley Works-aktiwiteite in die weste van Pennsylvania te bring, met verwysing na die feit dat ...

Dolly Parton, Sally Field honor ‘Steel Magnolias’ co-star Olympia Dukakis: ‘What can I say but I loved her’

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The veteran stage and screen actress who won an Oscar for playing Cher’s mother in the romantic comedy "Moonstruck" passed away on Saturday at age 89. "I was so sorry to hear that Olympia Dukakis had passed away," Wel ...