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Left leveling ‘fantasy chargesin response to Buffalo shooting because they’re all out of options: Steele

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SHELBY STEELE: They seem to have no more arrows in their quiver to fight with, to struggle with, and so they are reduced to sort of scraping around for these tragedies like what happened in Buffalo as something you c...

屋顶启示: Shelby Steele and Pastor Brooks discuss true black power

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Pastor Corey Brooks is one of those rare Americans who took the words of Sowell and Steele to heart and put them to practice. The influence of Sowell can be felt when the pastor tells gangsters like Varney Voker that...

屋顶启示: Shelby Steele on Pastor Brooks’ stand against post-60s liberalism

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最后 70 年份, the United States government imposed post-60s liberalism in the form of Great Society programs onto black communities. Many of these programs failed to engineer blacks upward and instead create...

Joe Concha rips CNN’s Brian Stelter for ignoring the fact that Steele dossier was debunked

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HERE ARE 20 MAJOR MEDIA STORIES CNN'S BRIAN STELTER IGNORED ON HIS SO-CALLED MEDIA SHOW IN 2021 乔·孔查: I think ignoring the fact that the Steele dossier was completely and totally debunked, 最后, and we've ta...

埃利斯蒂尔: 工作的美国人抗击流行病, 供应链和通货膨胀以保持业务活力

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让米歇尔和埃里克坚持下去的不是钱, 尽管他们当然需要赚取足够的收入来维持米歇尔所描述的生活方式 "不穷,但也不是中产阶级。" 也许工作的美国人是最好的...

代表. 科默指责亚当希夫不理会亨特拜登, 斯蒂尔档案丑闻: ‘他无愧于心’

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Comer 出现在星期六 "狐狸 & 友人" 讨论至少在五个不同州报告的致命龙卷风造成的损害. 在讨论了他的家乡地区之后, 科默被问及最近的争论 h...

埃利斯蒂尔: Chicago pastor tests his faith as he returns to roof for 100 days to end violence

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今天, the pastor finds himself testing his faith once again. When he came down from the motel, he thought it would only be a matter of time before he raised the funds to build a community center that would serve as ...

Matt Taibbi blasts media over ‘Russiagate whitewash era’ as Steele dossier’s credibility crumbles

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Taibbi believes Igor Danchenko, who was indicted as a result of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the Trump-Russia probe, is being "being set up to take the rap as the dirty Russian rat who hoodwinked ...

Politico writer knocks WaPo for scrubbing Steele dossier errors: ‘Is this how journalism diesin darkness?’

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The Post stunned the media landscape last week for issuing major corrections following revelations from the ongoing Durham probe that undermined the paper's previous corroboration of claims made in the memo from ex-B...

Russian expat involved with Steele dossier pleads not guilty to lying to FBI

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Alexandria, Virginia A Russian expat who was deeply involved in the Steele dossier pleaded not guilty Wednesday to lying to the FBI about who he worked with on the anti-Trump project in 2016. Igor Danchenko was arra...


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伊戈尔·丹琴科, 关于唐纳德特朗普和俄罗斯的淫秽谣言的克里斯托弗斯蒂尔档案的主要子来源, 作为特别顾问约翰·达勒姆 (John Durham) 调查原案的一部分,周四被起诉。.

布雷特·托尔曼: 逮捕斯蒂尔档案来源将克林顿与特朗普 - 俄罗斯的阴谋联系起来

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美国广播公司, 哥伦比亚广播公司, 在大肆宣传俄罗斯叙事布雷特托尔曼之后,NBC 新闻广播忽略了 DURHAM 对 STEELE DOSSIER 子资源的指控: 这份起诉书最终将这一阴谋的组成部分落实到位。.

批判种族理论只是左派权力剧本中的另一个工具: 谢尔比斯蒂尔

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批判种族理论是左派剧本中的工具, 根据斯蒂尔, 并且反对美国的 "致力于种族和谐。" "他们真的被……这个想法冒犯了我们, 理所当然, 第三...


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伊戈尔丹琴科周四被联邦调查局特工逮捕, 福克斯新闻证实. 丹琴科预计将在亚历山大联邦法院首次出庭, 维吉尼亚州, 星期四的下午. 格雷厄姆: FBI 对 FIS 撒谎....


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伊戈尔·丹琴科, 一位俄罗斯分析师,他是消息来源 2016 关于唐纳德特朗普的指控档案, 作为特别顾问约翰·达勒姆 (John Durham) 调查联邦调查局 (FBI) R.. 起源的一部分,周四被捕。.

伊莱·斯蒂尔: 17-year-old rejects all things woke for the hero’s path

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I intentionally asked this question to challenge Daniel’s character as we sat on folding chairs in the modest and comfortable church that his parents built in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn after immigrating f...

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