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Lindsey Buckingham culpa a Stevie Nicks e Irving Azoff por el despido de Fleetwood Mac

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The former lead guitarist and male lead singer of the music group blames his ex-bandmate Stevie Nicks and manager Irving Azoff for his untimely departure. In an interview with Los Angeles Times about his upcoming so...

Stevie Nicks dice que ella "salvó’ ella misma de la adicción a las drogas: "Sobreviví solo’

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El icónico cantante se abrió a Tim McGraw en su programa de Apple Music Country "Más allá de la radio de influencia" el miércoles sobre cómo ella "salvado" ella misma de sus problemas de adicción. Mellas, 73, dijo que si alguna vez compartiera h ...

How Stevie Nicks helped Vanessa Carlton deal with ‘A Thousand Milespopularity

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The singers are so close that Nicks, 72, helped Carlton, 40, come to terms with how big her breakout song "A Thousand Miles" became after it dropped in 2001. While appearing on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast with Jani...

Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana

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Singer Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana. The iconic, award-winning performer spoke to Oprah Winfrey in an interview explaining his decision, citing the political turmoil in the United States. "I wanna see this natio...

Stevie Wonder leaves Motown and releases two new songs

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Stevie Wonder released two new songs Tuesday with the launch of his new label, So What the Fuss Records. The legendary recording artist held a virtual press conference Tuesday to announce his new music, marketed and...

Stevie Nicks debuts new song ‘Show Them The Way

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Stevie Nicks has released her first new music in six years. los "Fleetwood Mac" frontwoman debuted the song "Show Them The Way" el viernes. Nicks said the song started out as a poem in 2008 and that it's "a prayer fo...

Stevie Lee, wrestler and stuntman known for ‘Jackass 3D,’ muere en 54

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Stevie Lee, a pro wrestler known as "Puppet The Psycho Dwarf" who starred in the movie "Jackass 3D," ha muerto. Él era 54. Lee died on Wednesday morning from an unexpected heart attack in his home, friend and fellow ...