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Steyn: Biden ‘consciously enriching cartels’ with ‘entirely dissolved’ southern border

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Steyn said that under the current president, the Department of Homeland Security is "laughably misnamed" and that the chaos and undoing of previously stringent policies have opened a horrifying "express-lane" for hum...

Mark Steyn: The anti-religion nanny state’s war on Easter

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STEYN: Even in a decaying Christendom, there is something heartening about Sunday service on Easter morn with the church pews packed as they rarely are, and ...oh, wait, no, sorry, my mistake. That was the old Easter...

Mark Steyn: Virtue-signaling liberals receive a letter

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MARK STEYN, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening and welcome to a Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. I'm Mark Steyn, in for Tucker, who is taking a quiet fishing weekend, but he will be dropping by momentarily.Ch...

Mark Steyn pushes back on Biden’s ‘gun grab’ by executive order

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Boy, I can’t wait to see the impact these moves have on child shootings in Chicago every weekend. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Steyn warns of China’s aspirations for global dominance: They’ve reduced America to ‘cheap, service economy’

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STEYN: Beijing now has more billionaires than New York City. In the last year, the Chinese capital has overtaken the Big Apple to become the billionaire capital of the world. How’d that happen? Well, take a look at ...

Mark Steyn tells Tucker Carlson leftist worldview is all ‘power calculation’

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"The whole point about the leftist worldview is it doesn’t have to cohere," he said. "Because they have the power calculation." Steyn used Canada as an example, referencing the recent burning of Catholic churches acr...

Mark Steyn responds to Kerry: China more likely to be ‘Uighur-neutral’ than carbon neutral by 2060

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STEYN: Who doesn’t enjoy John Kerry windsurfing in his buttock-hugging LYCRA? Is he windsurfing to the upcoming climate summit in Tahiti or Bali? Or will he be taking the old private jet to up his carbon credits? Jo...

Mark Steyn: US may not be a monarchy, but people like ‘Prince Hunter’ get inequitably ‘royal’ treatment

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Steyn, a Canadian native of Scottish descent, noted that monarchies in-name are often derided because of their definitive political power structure. However, when world leaders and elite figures act as monarchs witho...

Steyn: $500K can get you a Renoir, Picasso, or a Hunter Biden; ‘a better racket than the Clinton Foundation’

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With first son Hunter Biden's abstract paintings now being put on the market for as much as half-a-million dollars, the 51-year-old son of President Joe Biden can now have his name added to the likes of Lorenzo di Bi...

Mark Steyn raises concerns about the American Intelligence community

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MARK STEYN: When you have, as America does, some five million people with a security clearance, that’s equivalent to the entire population of New Zealand all thinking they’re James Bond: you have a dark, bloated bure...