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Queen Elizabeth uses walking stick to attend service at Westminster Abbey

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Queen Elizabeth was pictured using a rare walking stick in London's Westminster Abbey Tuesday, as she attended a service to mark the centenary of UK armed forces charity the Poppy Legion. A royal source told CNN tha...

Kwesbare huisdemokrate hou by Biden terwyl GOP -aanvaladvertensies toeneem

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Huisdemokrate in mededingende wedrenne plaas min daglig tussen hulself en president Joe Biden, selfs terwyl Republikeine hul pogings aangewend het om die president as 'n knuffel te gebruik teen hul Demokratiese opposisie..

Two Florida counties stick with mask mandates despite financial penalties

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Broward and Alachua counties in Florida are moving forward with mask mandates for their public school systems despite financial penalties from the state of Florida for not allowing parents to opt out of the requirem...

How to start a healthy morning routine — and stick with it

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Dana Santas, bekend as die "Mobiliteitsmaker," is 'n gesertifiseerde krag- en kondisioneringspesialis en brein-liggaam-afrigter in professionele sportsoorte, en is die outeur van die boek "Praktiese oplossings vir rugpynverligting." H ...

Pelosi to blame for Capitol security ‘breakdown’ op Jan.. 6, wants to ‘stick to her narrative’: Rep. Banke

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Banke, R-Ind., made his claims against Pelosi during an interview on "Fox News Sondag" while responding to Pelosi’s decision to reject him from the Jan. 6 inquiry committee and her intention to appoint Rep. Adam Kinz...

Will social conservatives stick with Trump if he runs again in 2024?

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But as the former president, who remains extremely popular and influential with Republican base voters, flirts with another White House run in 2024, will such voters stick with Trump? TRUMP EASILY WINS CPAC DALLAS 20...

On last Manic Monday, Federer, Djokovic, Kerber stick around

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He’s an eight-time champion at the All England Club, na alles, who is coming off a pair of knee operations last season and participating in a Grand Slam tournament for the last time before turning 40, so who knows h...

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback revealed with stick shift and sporty styling

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The all-new model will be the only Civic version available with a manual transmission, but its far from a stripped-out economy car. (Honda) Four trim levels – EX, Sport, EX-L and Sport Touring – wil...

Spencer Silwer, die apteker wat Post-it Notes hul kenmerkende stokkie gegee het, sterf by 80

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Van die duo wat 3M se nou alomteenwoordige Post-it Notes geskep het, Spencer Silver was, heel letterlik, die gom. Silwer, 'n chemikus van Texas, het die kleefmiddel geskep wat Post-it Notes se klewerigheid gee. Dit het jare geneem ...

Innovative 10-year-old creates ‘stick libraryfor local dogs

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For many families, trying to find fun activities during quarantine has been challenging. One Canadian father found the perfect project for his son to work on that will keep the neighborhood dogs entertained, ook. Da...

Biden tells House Democrats to ‘stick togetherin Covid-19 relief push, signals willingness to narrow stimulus checks

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President Joe Biden told House Democrats on a conference call Wednesday he is open to narrowing the distribution of $ 1,400 stimulus checks in his Covid-19 relief proposal to focus on poor and middle-class people, ...

Following controversial remarks by Tanzania’s president, WHO urges country to stick to science in fight against Covid-19

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The World Health Organization (WIE) is urging officials in Tanzania to follow science in the fight against the coronavirus, after the country's president said the approved vaccines are "gevaarlik" en dit "nie alles nie ...

The science of how to stick to New Year’s resolutions and truly change your habits

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Next year will be a crucial year for Erika Kirgios as she works to complete her doctorate, publish academic papers and try to land a faculty job at a university. Nie verbasend, one of her New Year's resolutions i...

This one simple trick can make your New Year’s resolution more likely to stick

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Want to replace your television habit with exercise? "I want to start running" could work better than "I want to quit watching TV so much." How we phrase our New Year's resolution could give us a slight edge as to w...

Princeton undergrads can return to campus next semester. They just have to stick to some strict rules

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Princeton University is welcoming its undergraduate students back to campus next semester -- with some strings attached. The Ivy League school announced on Tuesday that it will invite all enrolled students back to ...