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Bipartisan infrastructure deal enters critical week in Congress with major sticking points unresolved

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Washington The much-deliberated bipartisan infrastructure bill is entering a critical week on Capitol Hill with lawmakers projecting optimism ahead of a possible procedural vote this week, potentially on Monday. Maar ...

The retailers that are and aren’t sticking by cancel culture queen Chrissy Teigen

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Since the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model was outed by reality star and singer Courtney Stodden for cyberbullying when Stodden, 26 – who identifies as non-binary – was just 16 jaar oud, major retail brands ...

Illinois gymnast shows off Covid-19 vaccination card after sticking the landing

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A member of the University of Illinois Men's Gymnastics team celebrated his vault landing by showing off his Covid-19 vaccination card. After Evan Manivong stuck his landing during the team's meet against Minnesota ...

Democrats open to partisan balance on Jan. 6 kommissie, but panel’s scope still a sticking point

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Congressional Democrats said Thursday that they would be open to an even partisan split for a commission to investigate the January 6 aanval op die Amerikaanse Capitol, but a dispute over the panel's scope remained a key sti...